Yes it’s true, I bought drugs today …

Drugs I bought...

If you read the posts of many folks on Facebook / Twitter etc… you can’t help but hear … over and over that many are sick with respiratory issues.  Not just once… but routinely.  I can relate… ‘been there done that‘.

As I have explained several times, reducing inflammation allows your body’s immune system to concentrate on fighting invading viruses & bacterias. Here’s a post where I discuss this, “Inflammation: Causes & Detection“.

As of the writing of this post, I have NOT been sick in 25 months...since exiting the hospital 2/18/2009 and embarking on an ever lower carb meal plan. Living a “Primal Lifestyle” is about reducing inflammation.

Here is a post listing my ailments, “Ailments Then and Now“, … here is a post showing pictures of my prescription drug labels… all of these are PRE-Diabetes diagnosis, “Labels of Drugs I Took …

Let me reel myself back into the topic of the post… I’m so easily distracted. :)

Steve Bought Drugs … I bought Zyrtec today.

I am not mentioning any names to protect the innocent…. and to protect myself. :)

Someone who lives very close to me complained last night about sinus issues and a headache.  This person went to bed last night around 8 pm …. and finally arose from the bed the next day (today) at 10 am.  Fourteen hours of bedtime … unfortunately due to the respiratory issues this person did not sleep soundly.

When this person rose from the bed… it was requested that I go to store to purchase Zyrtec due to her allergies?

I agreed… when I entered the garage, I spotted a MacDonald’s cup on a table. When I sat down in the car there was another McDonald’s cup in the cup holder… LARGE cups… my wife uses for SWEET ICED TEAS.   Upon interrogation I was able to extract this information….

Friday she indeed did go to McDonald’s and ate a sandwich and had a large SWEET ICED TEA.

Saturday she did NOT eat McDonald’s food… but drank a large SWEET Iced Tea.

…. Saturday night she began feeling ill and by Sunday morning she felt very bad.



I can not PROVE that my wife (oops now you know who it is) is sick … AGAIN because she is not fully primal.  She is trying but struggles at times.

Just know that I have not been sick in 25 months… and I am fully primal.

I once suffered from allergies too… no more.


Do you and your family suffer from frequent colds and respiratory ailments like bronchitis and even asthma?

If so… you need to go primal too.


Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

How I Play






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  1. I know so many people who reduced or eliminated their sinus infections, colds, stuffy nose, allergy symptoms by dropping dairy and wheat. I have had only one cold in the past 6 years.

    Have you checked out the ingredients in some of the fast foods? A friend of mine ate a Wendy’s chicken wrap. He said he had it wrapped in lettuce. I checked out the ingredient list for the “chicken” and there were about 20-30 ingredients many of which sounded like industrial chemicals.

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