Everyone Should Do This!!!

My Blood Sugar results this morning.

If you read and heed the advice of a leading cardiologist, who also happens to be a diabetic…

EVERYONE not ‘just’ diabetics should be doing this!!!

What is ‘this’?

Periodically Testing your blood sugar…  Yes, even non-diabetics should test their blood sugar monthly, quarterly or yearly.

These are Normal “Non-diabetic” scores, any numbers above these and you DEFINITELY need to go Low Carb Primal. I am compelled to say… everyone should be living primally now… regardless. :)


Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar  should be 70 – 100 mg/dl  (this is the normal range)

Average Non-Diabetic Fasting Blood Sugar is approximately 83-85 mg/dl depending on the source.

1 hour post meal reading should be sub 140 mg/dl

2 hour post meal reading should be sub 120 mg/dl



1) Blood Meters are not extremely accurate, variances are allowed by manufacturers.  I have had as much as a 30 point difference in back to back testing.  THAT only happened once  … but just know it can happen.  Variances are allowed and it’s a fact of life that diabetics must tolerate.

2)  If you have a high reading  …. or a low reading re-test to confirm your original reading.  I have in some cases tested three times, I usually ‘count’ the two that are closer.

3) Here is a link to Dr. Davis’s Heart Scan Blog and the category of “Blood Sugar”.

** I don’t agree with everyone on EVERYTHING. I mention this because Dr. Davis currently has a ‘smoothie’ recipe post that quite frankly… I wish he’d remove.  The recipe uses artificial/non-nutritive sweeteners and I truly believe sweeteners of any kind are counter productive to breaking the carb addiction.

Once you have beaten the carb addiction, if you want to eat an occasional food with artificial sweeteners … that’s up to you. I try to follow the advice given to drug and alcohol addicts…  don’t play with fire, you may get burned.

Lastly… my Blood Sugar Test this morning…

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_MzHaBK81E

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