Primal Living can be…Hazardous (Confession)

What is this non-sense?    How can Primal Living be hazardous to your health?

Truth be told… there are alternate Post Titles that would be equally appropriate, such as:

1) Ketone Infused Brain can be dangerous.

2) Idiocy is hazardous.

3) Use common sense when exercising….

4) Don’t Show Off when Exercising…. I could go on and on … but you get the idea. :)

Why I say Primal Living can be … Hazardous.

… because sometimes your brain will not warn you of the recklessness of your actions.   Ok, maybe I can’t blame “primal” for that…you be the judge. :)

I HATE to throw old clothes away. This came in handy since I can now wear clothes I wore in high school and college. <big grin>

I have a pair of running shoes that have NO gripping tread … none.  The shoes “feel good” when I wear them out running errands, other than that, the ONLY time I wear them is for my bleacher work. The bleacher steps and  stairs have grooving so a lack of tread is not a problem.

Sunday (yesterday) I went to the High School for some “Intense Cardio” and all went well with the sprinting. I completed 22 “all out” 100 yard barefoot sprints.

Next up was the “Bleacher Work”…. all went well there as well. I do a combination of bleacher sprints, hops etc.

This is usually where I cut the workout off. THIS is where I should have stopped.

Why didn’t I ??

While I was sprinting… two ladies came to the track and were jogging/walking around the track.

After I began the bleacher work they too incorporated running bleachers into their workout.  I have no idea if they did it because of me or not.

A few moments after the bleacher work, after I had “caught my breath” I decided to do one last workout (because I was showing off).  I typically hop the stairs but I decided to crank up the intensity by hopping the actual bleacher seats.  I decided to take a running leap (primal leap?) onto the very first bleacher seat….

… immediately the pain caused me to realize the error of my ways.  In a split second these thoughts raced across my mind as the pain shot up to my brain.

1) I was WEARING shoes without tread.

2) The edge of the bleacher seating did NOT have grooving.

As a result, my foot slipped off the bleachers as if it were wet ice… causing my left shin (with 100% of my body weight behind it) to slam into the aluminum bleachers.

The pain was VERY INTENSE.   I looked down and there was only “white’ meat  visible….

… the next thought that came to me was… “maybe the ladies did not see me”…. LOL!

So as nonchalantly as I could muster, I gritted my teeth and walked to the car, trying my best not to limp…. calling Max as I left.

I should have taken a picture soon after… no joke it was the size of a GOLF BALL on my shin.

Click to Enlarge

The GREAT NEWS!?!   This relates to Diabetes … any cuts or scrapes are to be watched and treated with care. Luckily, I have normal blood sugar so the wound soon began to heal and by today… appeared to be nothing but a scratch. The only thing I’ve done to treat the wound was to clean it using hydrogen peroxide after returning home.  Not bad for an “old diabetic”. :))

Why in the hell did I HAVE TO take a  RUNNING LEAP onto the bleachers.

Why did I not simply QUIT and go home?

The answer is in the saying… “Pride comes before the fall”… *HA* :)

I was showing off and I blame that on PRIMAL LIVING!!!

Had I stayed an obese, high-carb, sedentary Type 2 Diabetic…. I never would have been at the field “showing off” and I never would have hurt my shin. … THANKS MARK SISSON! :))


If you have not tried sprinting yet, I urge you to do so provided your fitness level warrants it.  If your level of fitness does not yet include sprinting… I urge ALL to check out these “Primal Fitness” videos if you have not seen them. These too are from Mark Sisson and are scaled to fit most fitness levels.

Here is my diabetes meal plan.

Here is my diabetes nutrition chart.

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  1. Sandra_Abernathy

    It happens time to time. You’re normal!! Thanks to your Diabetes being in control, you should heal alot quicker!!

  2. Could have been a lot worse. Back in 2005, I had a deep gash from the dog’s claws on my calf that took all summer to heal. Should have known then…Now, I heal VERY fast, in fact, faster than ever before. You also gotta watch out for mole holes, acorns fallen from trees, running through low-growing ground berry vines, etc.!

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