MY Diabetes – Food Journal Comparison

If you are a diabetic or suffer from an illness … please read this with an open mind.  

How I eat, is the best way for diabetics to eat… it is the best way for all of us to eat, in my opinion. 

Food Journal Nutritional Analysis

If you do NOT keep an online food journal, I urge you to do so for at least a week or two  each year. This applies to all people but especially to those with metabolic issues such as diabetics.  Next, compare them, especially the ratios of protein/fat/carbs. There are many online and free Food Journals, I use, some use

At the end of the post are the actual Pie Charts with grams, calories and calorie percentages.  I compiled the data into two additional charts to highlight the changes.  Take a look and see what you think. :)

These are all DAILY AVERAGES

Other than the Calories column, all numbers are in grams.

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Notes:  (discussing the columns from left to right)

1) Total calories –  Calories decreased slightly. I do NOT count calories. They are included here, primarily because they are on the chart.

2) Total Fat Grams –  Roughly a 12 gram decrease in Total Fat…. that was not planned I promise.

3) Saturated Fat Grams –  I LOVE THIS! …as you can see my Daily Total Saturated Fat Grams increased…that’s always a good sign. :))

4) Polyunsaturated Fat Grams – (PUFA)  My goal was to decrease polyunsaturated fats… so that is a WIN! :)

5) Monounsaturated Fat Grams – (MUFA) This number fell significantly, I am not concerned about this due to my high fat meal plan. If PUFA had increased with a MUFA & Saturated Fat decrease, I would be concerned.

6) Carbohydrates – WOO HOO! :)   I did not highlight this but I am ALWAYS happy to see a decrease in this number. I did not “plan” to reduce this number… just a function of eating what I wanted to eat.

For the last four months… averaging between 13 and 16 net carbs per day…  and the American Diabetes Association claims you need 120 g of carbs for body function… BA HAHHAAH!!!!  :)

7) Dietary Fiber – relatively unchanged.

8) Protein –  I was SHOCKED to be honest when I saw this…  I average ALMOST 200 grams of PROTEIN per DAY!

—   Without any weight gain, I bounce between 163-169.

—  Without any noticeable Blood Glucose change.   This is the most surprising.

—  My exercise regimen if anything has lessened in length of training while increasing intensity … more proof primal works??  :))

9)  Alcohol – reduced wine consumption. August and September was unusually high, I typically drink wine about once a month.

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1) Fat Percentage did decrease a few points.

2) Protein Percentage really climbed. I was very surprised to see this and even more surprised there was no net affect to Blood Glucose levels.   Note:  Too much protein can cause blood sugar increases. 

** The Body is an AMAZING machine.  Feed it “the right” fuel and watch it RUN!!! :)

Believe it or not… EVERY DAY I am more and more thankful for Primal Living … I urge you to “Get you some!”


Nutritional Pie Charts

The first pictures with the pie chart is for August and September 2010 while the second picture with a pie chart is for October and November 2010.

August – September 2010 —- Click to ENLARGE


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As you can probably tell… I do NOT eat the typical diabetes diet. I certainly do NOT eat the way the American Diabetes Association suggests to eat.   I’m a Type 2 Diabetic with normal blood sugar and I take no drugs nor insulin. (in fact I am totally drug free).

If you are currently taking drugs I strongly urge you to try this meal plan, much of our health problems are self inflicted by consuming a diet low in animal fat and proteins while it’s also high in grains, vegetable oils and processed foods in general.

That’s my opinion, it’s been my experience and it is backed by science.  :)


If your blood sugars are elevated and you can not achieve my numbers…

READ MY BOOK!  “How to Reduce Blood Sugars”.



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