Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert

This Primal recipe is not as difficult or as involved as my primal chili recipe, here are all of my primal diabetes diet recipes. I think this recipe appears to be a “foodie recipe” because it’s more of an Hors d`Oeuvres or snack recipe.

  • tasty, nutritious and delicious
  • low carb paleo and diabetes friendly!


Below is a picture of the finished product. The picture does not do the low carb paleo dessert justice!  Avocados coated in pecans and bacon, what’s not to love! :)

Low Carb Paleo Desserts
Diabetic Friendly – Low Carb Paleo Desserts

Ingredient Listing :  4 pieces of Bacon, Pecans (any nut could be used), 1/2 an avocado,  fat (bacon or coconut oil).  The bacon and pecans are ground using a food processor.

* You will also need toothpicks.

Optional: One optional ingredient I thought of while writing the blog post… cinnamon. Cinnamon is a great spice to add to drinks (coffee) and to foods.  One because it’s flavorful and two… it reportedly improves insulin sensitivity.

diabetic friendly, low carb paleo desserts
Low carb paleo desserts and diabetic friendly

Steps in Making This Low Carb Dessert

1) Bake /Broil 1 pound of bacon for rendered bacon fat.  If you already have the rendered bacon fat or coconut oil melt about 10 Tbsp for a small test “batch”.     Coconut Oil could also be used. Here is a picture of my bowl of rendered bacon fat.

Butter used for coating, low carb and diabetic friendly
Melted Butter – Low Carb & diabetic friendly

2) Grind a handful of pecans (@ 1 oz) in the food processor and place on the plate.

3) Grind 4 pieces of bacon in the food processor and place on a plate.

4) Cut 1/2 of an Avocado in to 1/2 inch strips and then slice strips into approximately 1 ” long pieces.

5) Using toothpicks, pick up a Avocado slice and dip into the bowl of fat (either bacon fat or coconut oil). It can be eaten “as is”, I did and liked it.   Not great… but tasted good IMHO.

Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert
Avocado wedge coated with coconut oil

6) There are three options from here.

A) Sprinkle and lightly press pecan crumbs on the Avocado slice.  I LOVE Avocado…and I loved this with PECANS!

Click to Enlarge

B) Sprinkle and lightly press bacon bits onto the Avocado slice.  Next time I will “grind” the bacon bits more, I think this will aid in adhering to the slice. I loved this TOO!!!    This reminds me of stalagmite cave columns, never thought I’d use that in a post…much less a recipe post. :)

Click to Enlarge

C) Sprinkle and lightly press first the pecan crumbs and next sprinkle and lightly press bacon bits on to the slice.  Ok,  this was MY FAVORITE, the pecans added a nutty flavor (go figure) while the bacon added … wonderful bacon goodness! :)

Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert
Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert

7) After creating the samples above … I just threw all the leftovers into a pile, it was excellent!!!  Eat low carb, paleo and diabetic friendly does NOT have mean eating bland foods. In fact it does not mean that at all. Fat is fabulous! :)

These would be perfect in a small bowl/cup or even a cupcake paper thingy.  I am not a real foodie.   :)


Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert
Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert


Low Carb Paleo Diabetic Friendly Dessert

The key to successfully self managing diabetes is what you eat!  Eating truly low carb paleo foods will give you a fighting chance.

Finding and exploring different foods, tastes and textures is something I enjoy.

These desserts are very low carb, paleo and truly diabetic friendly.  Give them a try, what have you got to lose!

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