Diabetes and Depression

Depression and diabetes, is there a link?  I have no doubt there is, I’m convinced diet and elevated blood sugars contribute to both diseases. According to this study of 65,000 women

  • Women diagnosed with depression are 17% more likely to become diabetic.
  • Women diagnosed with diabetes are 29% more likely to become depressed.
  • The more severe the diabetes, the more likely a depression diagnosis.


Is there a link between diabetes and depression? This study says yes. My opinion, without question one can lead to the other.  What is not mentioned in the study article, how diet and blood sugar levels can affect depression. We know elevated blood sugars are harmful to the brain.

When I came home from the hospital with a diabetes diagnosis, of course I was DEPRESSED!!  I was told that I likely would be on drugs and insulin…  for the rest of my life!   That is enough to depress ANYONE!


Diabetes Diagnosis Is Depressing

Luckily for me, soon after a diabetes diagnosis I found a better way to self-treat diabetes.

Both of my grandmothers were diabetic and both died due to diabetes complications after years and years of declining health, pain and suffering. I had seen where a diabetes diagnosis would lead.

  • Taking daily insulin injections.
  • Eating a calorie and fat restricted diet.
  • Overall health taking a slow downward spiral with amputations, strokes and heart attacks.


Anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes and knows the challenges that lay ahead of them…could not be blamed for sliding into depression.
…but guess WHAT? … it does NOT have to be that way.


A Better Way

There is a better way! … to self-treat diabetes.

You  do not have to follow the ADA WAY!

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE ADA (American Diabetes Association. 

The high carb diabetes diet promoted by the ADA is good for only a couple of things:


1) Selling Drugs – eating the ADA Way will cause you to take an ever increasing amount of drugs and insulin.

2) Selling Diabetes “Services” – Eating the ADA Way will require you to see a doctor and a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)… for the rest of YOUR LIFE!

3) Selling Grains and Cereals for Monsanto, General Mills and Kellogg’s


Thriving Since 2009

  • I have been drug and insulin FREE!
  • I have been medical industry FREE!  I have not seen a doctor due to sickness nor illness.
  • I eat a ‘real food’, natural, low carb ‘diabetes diet‘.


I love the way I eat, play and LIVE!! I am truly thriving…with diabetes.  I am not depressed, I am ALIVE and maintain a zest for LIVING!


Thriving with Diabetes

I do NOT take drugs!

I do NOT use a diabetes educator or doctor.



Depression Leading to Diabetes?

I do believe that depression can lead to Diabetes.  In the study, those with depression are 17% more likely to obtain a diabetes diagnosis. Stress is inflammatory and that alone is very harmful to the body and can reduce disease fighting capabilities. Additionally, depression for many leads them to eating (and drinking) the wrong things, causing insulin resistance, weight gain and diabetes. This often leads to greater depression and the downward spiral continues.

Link Between Diabetes and Depression

Without question a diabetes diagnosis can lead to depression. In the study, diabetics are 29% more likely to obtain a depression diagnosis. However, I do believe if diabetics would follow a ‘low carb paleo‘ meal plan and play (exercise) like I do… they would be much less likely to be depressed.

Too, elevated blood sugars are harmful to the brain, increasing the risk for dementia and even brain shrinkage.

Type 2’s and Type 1 Diabetics can be helped with a low carb paleo lifestyle.  I urge you… I plead with you to EAT THIS WAY! I do. :) 


Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

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