ARGH!!! ADA Rant

I have not had a “hard” ADA rant in some time. (ADA = American Diabetes Association)… but make no mistake, the ADA infuriates me EVERY DAY!

I was critical of the ADA yesterday in this post, click here. I won’t restate it all here but please read it.

What set me off today?

This “tweet”.

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Why did this simple tweet “set me off”?

1. The article in the Washington Post discusses the ADA’s “concern” about using simple “finger prick blood tests”… because they may have false readings….  HELLO … millions of Americans use these tests to administer drugs and insulin.

Why not just advocate three “finger prick tests” and average the three?  If there are abnormalities investigate further….

The ADA promotes a plan using A1Cs…

“only A1c tests performed by highly skilled, closely regulated laboratories should be used for diagnosis.”

Who does this policy benefit???   ADA Minion of course!  Only highly trained, highly skilled people can take an A1C…. AH HAHAHA!   Yes… and only trained “Certified Diabetes Educators” can administer diabetes management advice…. BAH HAHAHAHA!

This “plan” will be much costlier which means LESS PEOPLE will have it done. Once again… the ADA promotes a “plan” that benefits ADA Minion while harming those that need them the most. :(

2. The ADA loves to “create” victims and then coddle them so people falsely believe the ADA gives a damn about them.

IF THE ADA cared about DIABETICS… it would NOT continue to promote a  grain based, high carb meal plan that requires it’s followers to take an ever increasing amount of drugs and insulin.

Why do I hate the ADA so much?  Because they promote themselves as a supporter of those who suffer with Diabetes.

Their high carb meal plan benefits many…

– Big Pharma

– Big AgraBiz like Monsanto, Kellogg’s,  General Mills

– The Sugar Ass.  (sugar lobby)

– The Medical “Industry” – including doctors, nurses, so called “Certified Diabetes Educators” and on and on.

However there is ONE group the ADA Meal Plan does NOT benefit… Diabetics.

So why does the ADA support a meal plan that is harmful to diabetics?


$$$ …all the above groups donate/contribute/give money to the American Diabetes Association.  Big Pharma gave $19 million in 2008 … if the ADA promoted a low carb meal plan… donations would definitely be reduced.

4 thoughts on “ARGH!!! ADA Rant”

  1. My SO continues to ignore my advice about food choices. Two months ago was the last morning he tested his blood sugar. It was 160 – mine was 83. He said “I wish I could get mine to 83.” but he does nothing to achieve this. Because his A1c is “only 7” his doctor is happy :( He refuses to test after eating – “I already know it is high” I thought that after I got my blood sugar down with diet, he would follow my example – Wrong!!! Very frustrating.

    1. Thanks for sharing that story Anne. It is sad when we see friends and relatives harmed by the terrible advice dished out by the American Diabetes Association. :(

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