diabetic friendly

I usually eat very simply, I am a simple man. Chili is as complicated as I get with food prep. And since going to a minimalist Carnivore Chili ... even chili is quick and easy.

Minimalist Carnivore Chili

There is very little ‘food’ that I would buy in a mainline grocery store.  I made the claim that there is even less in ‘dollar stores’ … but is that true? I visit dollar stores occasionally but never pay attention to their ‘food’ sections.  I decided to investigate.  The idea […]

Dollar Store Food Diabetic Friendly?

All of my diabetic recipes are truly diabetic friendly. Too many recipes claim to be diabetic friendly, instead they are big food, big pharma and medical industry friendly.

Braised Chicken, Tomato and Bacon

I have a very short fuse when it comes to people promoting a high carb diet to diabetics like the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. They disgust me and this post will show you why they are on my diabetes wall of shame.

New Wall of Shame Inductee Diabetic Chef