Pillsbury Diabetic Friendly?

The American Diabetes Association harms millions every day with it’s harmful diabetes ‘carb up, shoot up’ diabetes protocols. Working with it’s corporate donors from Big Food and Big Pharma, the ADA creates more ‘customers’ for the Medical Industry.

  • ADA is a shameful promoter of high carb, drug inducing foods.
  • Many of the ADA foods are even worse than Big Food’s.


This is a rant against the American Diabetes Association’s high-carb foods it promotes … with a twist. I found a Pillsbury recipe that is very similar. I wonder which recipe was MORE diabetic friendly, Pillsbury or the ADA?



Above is the picture from Pillsbury’s recipe page.

Note:  Neither recipe is diabetic friendly, both are high-carb meals… but one has an edge. Would the better recipe come from a company whose mission statement proclaims they exist to help diabetics?  Or would the more diabetic friendly recipe come from a company whose main focus is profits?


Food Fight

ada tweet 2


When I saw the original high-carb ADA recipe, I wondered if a Big Food company’s recipe would be higher in carbs? The first Big Food company that came to mind was Pillsbury… the Pillsbury Doughboy company.

If a company is going to be higher than the ADA … it would be Pillsbury, you would think, right?

Next I Googled “pillsbury chicken pita” and found this recipe, “Greek Pita Chicken Folds“. To add a little suspense and hopefully a little intrigue …

The American Diabetes Association’s mission statement says something about ‘stopping diabetes’ and helping diabetics. Pillsbury? They just want to sell highly addictive foods so you’ll come back and buy more… for profit of course.

Which one do YOU think is more diabetic friendly????


Recipe Analysis

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.  It’s pretty simple if you are a regular reader of this blog, but for those new to ‘low carb paleo‘ or ‘low carb high fat’, let’s take a look.

Calories: Close enough not to matter and largely irrelevant. I do not count calories…. I count carb grams.

Fat Grams: Again, close enough not to matter, and largely irrelevant. I do not count fat grams, I count carbohydrates.

Protein Grams:  More than 50% more protein in Pillsbury Dough boy’s recipe… a surprise from a processed grain pusher.

I do not ‘count’ protein, I do keep an eye on the general amount. I want to make sure in general terms I eat enough but not too much. Here’s a formula I use.

Approximate Lean Body Mass x .7 (my lower limit)

Approximate Lean Body mass x 1 (my upper limit)

For me that is 130 x .7  and 130 X 1  = 91 to 130 grams of protein

Some days I go below and some days I go above, these are general guidelines.


Carbohydrates: … the clear winner was Pillsbury Dough boy’s recipe.  It had a 11g difference. That may not sound like much… but 11 grams is my daily total many days!

The American Diabetes Association, the ‘protector of all diabetics’, promoted a high carb pita recipe that exceeded the carb total of Pillbury’s by @ 33%.


Winner is:   Pillsbury Dough boy!!!


Can you believe it????    A processed grain pusher has a lower carb recipe …. than the organization sworn to protect diabetics and prevent diabetes!!!

…. when WILL YOU SAY ….


“Enough is Enough!?!”


Note: Carbohydrates increase Blood Sugar which require drugs and insulin to lower Blood Sugar. Carbs cause increased drug and insulin sales.

Keep listening to the American Diabetes Association and their ADA Minion… you’ll continue to need more and more drugs and insulin. All while never attaining truly normal blood sugar. .

Good luck with that…


Running From Their Past

Below is the original ‘tweet’ by the ADA. Since this post was originally published the ADA has since removed the link in the tweet.  The ADA is attempting to run from it’s harmful past.

I like to think I (and others in the low carb paleo universe) had something to do with that.

ADA Tweet



Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association)

2 thoughts on “Pillsbury Diabetic Friendly?”

  1. Amazing. I would say it’s unbelievable, but it isn’t. Bottom line, the ADA is all about the $$$$$. How sad.

  2. I posted this on the Healthy Skeptic too but just thought you may have something to say on my situation?

    I am 41 yo male, 5’11 215 and very active with lifting and tennis. I am trying to get the diet in check with real paleo food but get off the wagon more than I should.

    My question is about neuropothy. About 6 months ago, I started noticing that my feet (left mostly) would go numb when in a sitting position and when I stand in the shower in the morning. Since then, it seems to have been happening some other times too but mostly those instances daily. I am also noticing that my feet (left mostly) are getting really cold, this usually presents itself in the middle of the night. I saw my doctor who did a circulation test and he says it came back normal, chiropractor can’t find anything causing it either but I do have to see him for lower back pain (left side mostly) once or so a week. Could there be diet related causes? I am not diabetic, last A1c was 5.3. Thanks for any help.

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