Evidence of ADA Minion Advice

Before getting into the post let me say:

First, Diabetes can be tricky, especially for Insulin Dependent Diabetics, even those who follow a Low Carb Primal Meal Plan.  Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind that a low carb primal meal plan is THE best for all diabetics.

Secondly, Not all Certified Diabetes Educators are ignorant on how to properly treat diabetes … sadly the vast majority of them are.  Most promote the “carb up and shoot up” advice of the American Diabetes Association (ADA)… I’ve termed these people as ‘ADA Minion‘.


As you read this post remember these Medical Industry promoted blood sugar levels.

70 – 100 mg/dl is normal fasting blood sugar

Blood Sugar should be below 140 mg/dl  1 hour post meal.

Blood Sugar should be below 120 mg/dl 2 hours post meal.


In this  post, I have pasted the comments of diabetics who appear to be receiving advice from ADA Minion. It’s not difficult to spot…  just look for satisfaction with high blood sugar levels or people who feel poorly when their blood sugars are in truly normal ranges… it’s easy to spot.

Note: #BGNOW is a twitter code that is posted before revealing your current blood sugar.

For example, if I wanted to show that my blood sugar reading now was 86, I’d post #BGNOW = 86.

Sample Posts

Evidence that you might pay an ADA Minion for Diabetes Management Advice  ….

How is this evidence of ADA Minion advice???  Farina is a ‘cereal’… and at 24 grams of carbs per cup, it is too high in carb to eat. I don’t, but I have normal blood sugar.  By the way, the carbs don’t include the 8-12 grams of carbs for milk nor for any sweeteners or fruit that may have been included.

Obviously, we don’t know that this person’s Certified Diabetes Educator is an ADA Minion …  but the American Association of Diabetes Educators, the national organization for Certified Diabetes Educators promote the same high carb, high grain and cereal meal plan as the American Diabetes Association, so it’s very likely…. and sad.   A blood sugar level of 360 mg/dl is dangerously high.


Next … this person posted their blood sugar BEFORE eating breakfast.


this makes me want to scream every time I read it.

This person woke up with a blood sugar reading BEFORE eating breakfast …. with a 146.

This person has a 146 and says, “I’ll take it”.  Their blood sugar is at harmful levels and they are satisfied with the result….. grrrrrrr.

After an American Diabetes Association approved breakfast of whole grain toast, milk and cereal … maybe some juice… guess where their blood sugar is going????

Answer:  It will likely be higher… but we don’t know. They could OVER compensate and start a roller coaster ride of crashing LOWS and SOARING highs.

Then this one…


Given this limited information it’s difficult to determin exactly what’s going on here in this situation.

We do know 142 is very high before dinner. It comes as NO surprise that this person is high after the meal.

Given the information… I seriously doubt this person ate a low carb primal meal.  There are many variables at play here so I can not say with certainty but I’d be willing to bet this person follows a ‘carb up and shoot up’ approach as promoted by the American Diabetes Association and ADA Minion.

I am NOT saying this person experienced permanent damage from this high reading (she may have) but multiply this type of experience over 5, 10 or 15 years. The damage builds until organs fail.


This is so disheartening!!! I see these readings all the time.  Yet these people will not listen to me. They would rather listen to a “Certified Diabetes Educator” who profits from their continued adherence to a “Carb Up Shoot Up” Diabetes treatment plan.

Over a couple days… 163 is the lowest this person has BEEN!!!! … SHAME ON THE ADA!!!

When will enough … be enough!!??!

From dangerously high to … 

1) 66 is not ‘low’ … 60-100 mg/dl is considered ‘normal’ by many including myself. I am periodically in the 60’s and I feel fine.

2) If this person does feel ‘like ass’ … it’s likely because they are normally much higher.  Anytime people go below typical blood sugar ranges, they experience ‘false hypo’s’, or false hypoglycemia.

Feeling sick, lethargic, shaky, nauseous etc are all legitimate side affects of being ‘below’ the person’s usual blood sugar levels.

In other words, this person is not typically in normal blood sugar ranges. This is evidence this person pays for poor diabetes management advice.

More evidence… so sad.


Low all afternoon … currently 77?   Definitely evidence of an ADA Minion as a source for Diabetes information.   Only people who receive ADA Minion advice consider 77 low … it’s true that a ‘walk’ could lower their blood sugar further but that is not a bad thing… unless you obtain your information from an ADA minion.


… 6.3 is  a rough average of 147 … which is WAY TOO HIGH.  This person likely experiences wide ranges of soaring highs and crashing lows?  How do I know??? Because everyone that eats a high carb meal plan experiences that scenario!

How do I know this person follows a high carb meal plan?  I don’t but most do … another clue is that she thinks A1C of 6.3 is ‘ok’… only a ‘carb up and shoot up’ ADA Minion would believe 6.3 is ok.

Most ADA Minion will tell you that a 6.3 is great!!  I assure you … it is not.



IF WE stood up and demanded change… change would happen.

But we ‘sit on our hands’ … doing nothing.


IF WE DO NOT demand change…   change will NEVER HAPPEN!

When the people RISE UP… change will occur.


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