Fasting and Diabetes Drugs?

This post will be discussing an article I read regarding Fasting and Diabetes Drugs.

  • Research: Not natural ways to reduce blood sugars but in potential drug sales
  • New Class of Diabetes Drugs


I really wanted to do a positive post, I haven’t done many lately.  I am so fortunate to be able to live a ‘normal’ life with Type Two Diabetes  and I am so fortunate to have met MANY special people….  some diabetic and some not who have ALL improved their lives with a low carb paleo style meal plan.


The title of the article is “Fasting Pathway Point the Way to New Class of Diabetes Drugs”, (page has been removed).  I love “Intermittent Fasting“, I TRULY believe it has helped me achieve normal blood sugars and I thought the article may provide additional information that could help people…. I WAS WRONG! There was some new information … but it’s not helpful.

If you read my blog then you  should have at minimum a general idea about fasting and it’s benefits, if not click here.

Below are several quotes of  the new information or important points contained in the post….


“HDACs get sugar production rolling when blood glucose levels run low after prolonged periods of fasting or during the night.”

This information means absolutely NOTHING to me…  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the liver produces glucose through Gluconeogenesis to supply the body with glucose. I knew that. The ‘new information’ to me was that HDACs play a role… WHO CARES!  … the fact that the HDACs are part of the process … means NOTHING.   WHY?   … because, I don’t need to be an auto mechanic to drive a car.  I don’t need to know how a car works to drive one….  Just like me… YOU only need to know that it happens and how to deal with it.

The next bit of new information.


“Metformin is originally derived from a plant found in Western Europe called ‘French lilac’ or ‘Goat’s Rue’ because goats didn’t like to eat it,” says Shaw. “They steered clear of the plant because it contains a compound that acts to naturally lower blood glucose in animals that eat it-to prevent them from eating it again.”


This new information was actually pretty cool background information.  From a ‘paleo perspective’ I must say that all living things have ‘defenses’ and the fact that they mention this was interesting.  I would also suggest that since the plant was designed to prevent animals from eating it…  humans are animals and therefore we should not eat it UNLESS it’s necessary, in my opinion.


“Thus drugs that specifically inhibit HDACs involved in gluconeogenesis may be very useful for the treatment of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.”


It always irritates me that these ‘researchers’ and those that fund them… are always looking for drugs to reduce blood glucose … but rarely speak to or address reducing the consumption of carbohydrates which convert to blood glucose…. too smart by half? Or corrupt?

Why take a drug that hinders the body from doing what it was designed to do?

Instead of preventing the body from producing glucose… how about reducing dietary carbohydrates that covert to glucose!?!?

Why not promote a meal plan that reduces BLOOD GLUCOSE by reducing carbohydrate consumption? … we know the answer… there is NO money in that. :(


“These exciting results show that drugs that inhibit the activity of class II HDACs may be worthwhile to be pursued as potential diabetes drugs,”


Exciting??? … for whom?

Monsanto? PepsiCo? Big Pharma? Joslins? Liberty Medical? Hope Washaw? American Diabetes Association?

All of the groups above will be EXCITED INDEED!!  New diabetes drugs means people will be lied to, fooled into believing their ONLY HOPE will be to continue to ….

– eat the grains Monsanto produces.

– Buy the drugs from Large Drug Companies (Big Pharma)

– This will mean a steady supply of patients and research money for ADA Minion like Joslins, a steady stream of diabetes profiteers like Liberty Medical and Certified Diabetes Educators like Hope Warshaw.


Here is the link to the post. Fasting Pathway Point the Way to New Class of Diabetes Drugs


Wrap Up


There was nothing new to report… of consequence.  Nothing that increased my understanding of Fasting nor Diabetes management.

I could have saved several hours of reading and researching this post had I read one bit of crucial information from the start.

Had I looked toward the bottom of this article I would have KNOWN that this article was not worth wasting my time…

“This work was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association…”

As a friend asked me in preparation for this post… “Did you think the ADA was going to fund a study promoting fasting? There’s no money in that.”

If you are eating a low carb primal lifestyle and still have high blood sugars … then by all means take a drugs and insulin to control your blood sugar.

Too often people rely on drugs first without attempting lifestyle changes….


Last Thought… I promise. :)

Gluconeogenesis is driven by the liver …. Millions are already  taking statins which adversely affect the liver’s cholesterol production…. do YOU really want to take more drugs to prevent normal body functions… needlessly??

People take drugs to reduce the livers glucose production (Metformin is one) AND PEOPLE take drugs to reduce the liver’s cholesterol production (statins) … BOTH statins and Metformin are drugs that INHIBIT normal body processes.   Does anyone other than me believe this may cause issues down the road with liver disease?  If not could it  possibly cause other “unintended consequences”  including harmful side affects?

For too many people … they take statins and Metformin (HDAC inhibitor) so they can continue to eat cakes, cookies, breads, pastas and drink colas???

Note: Some of my diabetes  friends already do eat very low carb and still have high blood sugar. They must take Metformin to control their blood  sugar… there is NO shame in that.  The key is BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL.   I only suggest that you attempt lifestyle changes FIRST!



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