Is it just me? Or is the ADA ….

A cookbook the ADA was pimping recently.

First let’s look at a few facts.

1) 90% of diabetics fail at maintaining normal blood sugar, if you doubt that… read this post. “90% Fail“.  I truly think the number is much higher than that…. but this is the medical industry’s numbers.

Using conservative and ‘rough’ estimates… there are approximately 30 million diabetics in the United States and roughly 300+ million in the world.   Using the 90% failure rate… 27 million US diabetics and 270 million diabetics in the world… ARE FAILING at ‘diabetes management’.


2) The American Diabetes Assciation (ADA) promotes a grain based,  high carb meal plan, “ADA meal plan” that induces more drug and insulin usage. If you doubt their meal plan is high carb… read this post, “ADA Diet is High Carb“.

** see the picture (above right) … those are carb laden foods, foods that I do not eat but then again, I don’t take drugs nor insulin either.

By the way, if you doubt that high carb meals create drug and insulin usage…  you have much to learn.

Carbohydrates = Blood Glucose Increase = Increase in Drugs /Insulin to knock down the spike.


3) The American Diabetes Ass. raises money 12 months a year… pleading with people to help “Stop Diabetes” now.  Or begging for people to give them money to ‘raise diabetes awareness’.

With all this begging and pleading… it’s easy to forget who their largest corporate donors are, giving $19 million in 2008, if this is news to you, read this post, “19 million reasons“.


Using the KNOWN facts above we know…

The American Diabetes Ass promotes a meal plan that creates more and more drug usage… while they receive MILLIONS from the companies that profit from the meal plan.

Namely these companies or industries are Large Drug Companies, Large Food Companies ( like PepsiCo), Chemical Companies (like Monsanto) and the Medical Industry (including ADA Minion).

So why mention all of this???


While MILLIONS of diabetics suffer … most of which is needless suffering, the American Diaebtes Ass. post recipes of pasta, cakes and cookies….

… and occasionally they post things like this on twitter.

Just in case you don’t read ‘twitter’…..

The American Diabetes Association is soliciting people to send in photos of ‘diabetes related’ license plates.

The American Diabetes Ass.  will spend resources to have someone collect all the photos, judge the photos and then create a page …

… while they devote resources to do this, they will devote -0- resources to promote a low carb paleo style meal plan.    A meal plan they know benefits diabetics.

This angers and infuriates me….. does it you?


Is it just me? Or is the ADA …. a totally pathetic, out of touch… JOKE who harms millions every day with their pathetic advice?

2 thoughts on “Is it just me? Or is the ADA ….”

  1. Its not just you. Keep talking, keep blogging and don’t let them muzzle you. I am spreading the word too but I don’t have a big enough sphere of influence for them to bother with me… yet.

    1. I love the ‘yet’. :) Honestly, I don’t think my sphere of influence was enough either… I just happened to speak up and speak out at a nutritional seminar. Someone reported me…and once reported I’m sure they felt obligated to follow up.

      Thanks for the encouragement… I will continue this fight my friend.

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