Introductory Post of Pastured Meats and T & D Farms

This post is really just a pictorial view of my time spent at T & D Farms today …. and pictures of the first meal prepared from the bounty.  The first meal was a ‘sampler’ of pastured meats! :)

T & D Farms is a family farm owned and operated by Todd and Danielle Mauldin located in China Grove, NC.  Todd and Danielle were so generous with their time and gave us a full tour.

Thank you Todd and Danielle for the TOUR!

Click Here to go to T & D Farms website.


I will post a more complete post on the farm with additional pictures later this week.

The first picture had to be this one, of the herd.

The white and black calves… so cute AND they were obviously enjoying themselves.

The cattle were so relaxed… so un-stressed.

In a word… it was “AWESOME”!!!

Next is a picture of the bull…  OH MY GOODNESS he was HUGE! … and beautiful.

He was obviously ‘loving life’.  All the cows and calves in this herd were ‘his’.

I’ve always been a fan of grass fed, grass finished beef… but now I am EVEN MORE SO!


“…this is how cows should be raised.”

“… this is how food should be raised.”


Brief Video



My First Meal

… it was a pastured ‘meat’ sampler meal.

And honestly, it was the best tasting food I’ve ever had…. ever.

My favorite was the pastured pork, next… the beef liver braised in uncured  bacon… so good.

The ground beef was very good … but the uncured bacon took 3rd place…




The frozen contents of my dinner…. upper left is beef liver, upper middle is pork sausage, bottom middle is ground beef and last but not least… uncured pastured BACON on the right!




The picture above is uncured, pastured bacon.  Look how lean it is compared to ‘typical’ bacon.


Picture above is uncured bacon on the bottom and grass fed, grass finished beef liver … so so so good.   And so easy to cook.

Simply partially cover the skillet with bacon and place the sliced beef liver on top of the bacon.   Flip after 10 minutes and allow the beef liver to cook on one side then flip again after 5 more minutes.  (Your cooking times my vary.)



The picture above  is of uncured, pastured bacon … pastured pork sausage on the left and grass fed, grass finished beef.


Both my wife and I both agreed … the pastured pork sausage was THE BEST of ALL!

I must say… the beef liver was so good, so mild.   If you have NEVER tried grass fed, grass finished beef liver… I URGE YOU to try it.

It is the most nutrient dense food I know. :)

All the foods you see on my website are my ‘diabetes diet’ and are  truly diabetes friendly … not Big Pharma friendly.