Pelican Videos and More

This post has Pelican videos and additional links regarding past vacations at Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC.

Some may be asking … what does pelican videos have to do with diabetes?

A LOT! :)

It’s further evidence or proof.  When I say that I am ‘thriving, not just surviving’ … I want to demonstrate that as much as I can.

I go to great lengths to show workouts / exercising.  I also put a lot of efforts into showing ‘primal play’ too.    Exercising is great for overall health no doubt… but it’s also great at giving you the energy and stamina when you need it most… when you are PLAYING!! :)

Pelican Island

1st video

Pelicans are plentiful on and around Wilmington, NC.  Brad (my son and I)  discovered an island which you will see in the video.  The pelicans are roosting or at the very least resting there.

It was TRULY awesome to explore an island and make such a discovery.  We actually walked up pretty close to the birds before they fly away at the end of the first video.

You can see that we wade a river and eventually get pretty close to the prehistoric looking birds.

To share that with my son was … very gratifying.   Truth is… I owe it to primal living.  Had I been obese and still suffering under the symptoms of diabetes… I likely would have stayed in the beach chair, sipping my high carb drink and eating ADA so called diabetes friendly foods.  :(

But I did not, in fact… when I go to the beach, very little time is spent in a chair.  I’m in the water, walking along the water or fishing the water.  In other words, I am THRIVING not just surviving. :)

2nd video

This was a video compilation of two mornings… words can not express the feeling of awe and admiration for these pre-historic appearing birds.

The feeding frenzy we saw… was totally amazing.  We actually caught very little on the video. I tell people it was almost vulgar … the feeding was continuous and seemingly would not end.

The power of ‘nature’ is amazing and always apparent at the beach. The powerful ocean and the life and death struggle of survival.

I hope you enjoyed these videos, I’m sure they will not do the ‘experience’ justice.

But I do hope you get a sense for the excitement I have for not just experiencing nature … but LOVING LIFE!

I love the phrase, “primal not only adds years to your life… but it adds life to your years”.  If you know who said that, please let me know so that I may cite them properly. :)

Until next time… I hope you enjoy life half as much as I do.  If not, why not?


Other Links to Wilmington Vacations … it’s a favorite place. :)


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