Ollie and Stuff

Ollie ... is "The Dude"

I’ve been slack posting lately… this is ‘only’ my 8th post of the month and most of those are food posts.

One thing is certain… it’s  NOT from a lack of topics … part of the problem is too many topics.



For the last five days… Ollie (the canine in the pics) has been  a distraction… he’s a new addition to the family unit. :)

To make a long story short, I finally decided to adopt another canine companion.  Due to the influence of  several friends including  Karen Gale and Mary Ann Morrow Showalter  (say that 5 times fast ) … I  decided to adopt a ‘rescue’ or shelter dog.   I am SO happy I did!!!!!!!!!!!

Ollie's Picture on Petfinder

I encourage you to do the same. I’ve never obtained a canine companion from a ‘puppy mill’,  always through private breeders … but I decided this time to do the “right thing”.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that millions of canines and felines are euthanized each year and reducing that number would be a good thing.  Euthanize … a ‘fancy word for kill…

IF or WHEN you decide to adopt a canine or feline, I urge you to check Petfinder.com or the local Animal Services Agency.  Actually, Petfinder has listings for MANY animals including rabbits, birds, horses etc.

Simply enter the type of animal you are looking for, the breed and your zip code and a listing will appear with pictures.

That is exactly what I did … and when I saw this picture (right)… I was hooked. :)

Before I change subjects here is one last picture of Ollie “The Dude” Cooksey… this was the first picture I took of Ollie, he’d only been out of the shelter for a couple of hours when this had been taken. :)

Here’s a video of Ollie, eating Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef Liver.

If you have difficulty viewing the video, click here.


Now for … “And Stuff”
1) 8/1/2011 will be my 2 year “Primal Anniversary”.

One of the things IGNORANT diabetes educators, Registered Dietitians etc would tell me is … “Oh yeah, it’s working  now but you can’t maintain it because it’s unhealthy, you won’t be feeding your body all the nutrients you need.”

uh… WRONG AGAIN! … and people pay for that advice… pitiful.

To help celebrate and hopefully to raise awareness for the health and life benefits of “Primal Living” I will be having several free freebies during the month … so stay TUNED!  I know you will enjoy them.


2) Upcoming Blog Posts that are partially written … I MUST find time to finish.

Hope Warshaw:  I still “owe’ the blog a post on Hope Warshaw…  I really want to write one and have almost completed it.  To be honest I had a ‘been there done that’ feeling and found it difficult to re-ignite the fire… well… I did. :)

Manny Hernandez and Death Stalker

My lowER fat experiment summary… no it’s NOT low fat. :)


3) My Blog Traffic baring a big drop will definitely be a record month.  Too, my Alexa Score ... (a means to judge relative web traffic) continues to improve… Even though I have not posted much this month…. the less I write … the more I’m liked!!! :)

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association.

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