Beef Brisket … oh my GOODNESS!

This is 2/3 of the brisket ... in a Grok Pot (crock pot)

This started out being a post dedicated to GRILLED BEEF BRISKET!!!!

See the picture below … I really really tried. :)

But then circumstances spiraled out of control. (hyperbole much?)  :)  My gas grill began to lose it’s flame…. I had plenty of propane,  I won’t bore you with the details just know that the brisket had grilled for about 45 minutes when I realized there was no significant flame.

I had a recent addition to the family, Ollie  (click here for pics) which prevented me from running to the store for the needed parts…. I was stuck.

So I decided to do what I have done NUMEROUS times…

1) Slice it thin and Braise some in skillets/pans.

2) Grok Pot the rest.

Note: I could have cooked it in the oven … but really didn’t want to warm up the house.  I use the Grok Pot (crock pot) in the garage in the summer. YES, I try to look for ways to save energy, resources and MONEY! :)

The very first picture at the top of the page shows 2/3 of the Brisket in the Grok Pot.  The other 1/3 was sliced thin and braised in the pans or skillets. (See Below)

Skillet braising does leave a more ‘chewy’ meat but it’s not tough … by my standards anyway. :)  The advantages to braising… it’s much quicker.  If you need to eat without cooking the beef for hours… this an option I would not hesitate using again.


Next…. Grok Pot BRISKET!

The rest of these pictures show the brisket after it had been cooked in the crock pot for about 5 hours on “low” setting.

DELICIOUS, TENDER and JUICY are all accurate descriptions … so good.
….. YOU must try! :) 


Below is the brisket, sliced off the ‘roast’ … so good. The meat is actually much ‘prettier’ than the picture shows… check out the next one.



Below is a ‘cut away’ of the roast. Hopefully it’s as beautiful in the picture as it is in person. Nice colors and the stratification of the fat and meat…. so juicy and tender….:)


Summary: Though the post did not turn out as I had originally planned … the meat was a MAJOR WIN! So good and the grok pot version was SO TENDER TOO!


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  1. I find that sometimes the gas from the propane gets goofy. So you just take off the hose and reattach it. Looks yummy

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