Another One Bites the Dust… Month that is.

Monthly Summary Time … woo HOO! :) 

Once again my little ole  ‘diabetes blog’  increased Unique Visits to an all time high!  WooT :)) 

But…let’s be serious … I am not EVEN CLOSE to the quantity of readers Mark Sisson at Marks Daily Apple … nor Richard Nikoley at Free the Animal have, I am but a mosquito compared to those two Pterodactyls. (Yes, I needed help to spell Pterodactyls correctly.)

By the way, both of those gents are ‘mentors’ of mine, I owe them much.


…Many, MANY, MANY THANKS to YOU!    

Thanks for reading my humble blog.

And  THANKS for sharing my site with others.  If they heeded the advice…they should be thanking you too. 

Speaking of Mosquitoes … I just had to use that picture above right… it seems so appropriate.  “WE” … (you and I)  are CHANGING lives for the better… and I hope I am at least a mosquito on the butt of the American Diabetes Ass.

… moving on.

A FAT CELL ... isn't she lovely?

Before going over the most viewed posts for the PAST month and year … I need to talk about the future.


In September we will have… 

1) My very first GIVE-A-WAY!!! Woo HOO! :) … some items are still ‘in the works’ but there will be over $150 in retail value given away.  Of course ALL of it will be truly “Diabetes Friendly” … not big pharma friendly.

2) The very first “” T-shirt will be made available…. argh!!!!

3) … even more good stuff…gotta wait and see.

…… I had planned for all this to take place last month…but alas… life does get in the way at times. :)

Most Viewed for August

1)  Dissecting an MD’s ADA Minion Argument  – I was glad this was the most viewed… it should empower all diabetics to stand up to bad nutritional advice.  At the very least, it should teach us all to question critically everything we hear. And test advice to make sure it works for YOU.

The 3rd post in our ‘discussion’ also ranked highly… “Part 3”

2) Meat Muffins – I was surprised to see this one so high in  the charts. I posted this on Facebook and several people including the lovely and sweet Amy Dungan posted the link on her Facebook Page.

3)  “Fats and Red Meat Linked to Diabetes” Part 1 – and Part 2 ”  Three ridiculous studies came out last month here’s the other one, “Pesticides Linked to Diabetes?

4) “Et tu Fox News?” – in this post… Fox News supports veganism… covertly. I was shocked. :(

5) “On Your Mark, Get Set… Paleo!” – Special thanks to Mark Mealey for allowing me to share his awesome story with the blog’s readers.   Mark is a Type 1 who is controlling his blood sugars.


This was a view on one of my evening walks...


Most Viewed Year to Date

1) “Link Between Carbs and Type 2 Diabetes” – … kind of says it all. :)

2) “Giving Credit to Richard Nikoley” – … as noted above Richard was very important to my ‘development’ and this post was giving him “a tad” of credit. :)

3) “Picture from Wrightsville Beach” … Click Here for another post of a more recent trip to Wrightsville Beach/Wilmington, NC.

4) “My Dairy Fast” – since this post I experimented with Cheese, Butter and Cream… after taking pro-biotics and suffered no ill affects.

5) “Would this shock you?”  … probably not if you read this blog. :(


That’s all folks!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. :)

Be cool…. and GO LOW CARB PALEO!!!


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  1. Thank you for all the work you put into this blog. I find it very helpful…both the general info and the recipes. Keep up the great work!

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