Nagging Question … a new challenge

Meats & Leafy Greens for 30 Days!!! :)

There is a nagging question that needs to be answered…. and I am going to take care of this once and for all.

First… some background

I am not going to bore you with my story (click here for the short version, click here for the long version).

In short, I successfully “self treat” my diabetes with diet and exercise.  I am still diabetic.  I am still insulin resistant.  If there was any doubt, the high carb  “Date with the Devil experiment and post largely put that to rest. ( Here are the additional posts  Day 2 and Follow Up.)

In the above statement I said, “largely”  and not “entirely”… on purpose.

In other words, there is something still left to prove.   WHY?

1)  I follow a very low carb, primal meal plan … but it’s not a strict, very low carb paleo meal plan.

I want to know if…  adhering to a strict and very low carb paleo style meal plan will affect my insulin resistance.

To do that, to the best of my abilities…and capabilities, I am going to remove as many of the potential “inflammatory agents” as possible.


2)  The second reason:   I still have something to prove… 

The “Date with the Devil” experiment was VERY high carb.  Without going into a lot of details, I went from very low carb to very high carb in 24 hours.  There was no adjustment period.  The body was accustomed to burning fat… and I threw a lot of carbs at it.

I need to gradually increase the carbs to have  a true test of my “true” insulin resistance.  I need to allow my body time to adjust.

I will do just that… after this 30 day experiment.


The Plan… My Eats

For 30 days I will follow this…

“My meal plan will consist of :  meats, leafy green veggies, coconut oil, water and coffee.”

No dairy ( no butter, cream, cheese or yogurt… and of course no milk)

Additionally no alcohol, nuts, fruits, eggs, or nightshades …

As always… I avoid grains, milk, veggie oils, legumes, sugar, etc … here is my typical meal plan.

Purists may say that I should remove coffee. I don’t disagree with that.  It will be greatly reduced and I plan on ending it at some point, but I am not making any promises.  :)   My normal coffee consumption was cut in half yesterday on Day 1.


Day 1

I am not going to post every thing I eat and do for 30 days on the blog… but I will be updating Google+, Twitter and Facebook daily… so feel free to follow along there.    Click here to follow me on Google +, click here to follow me on Facebook and click here to follow me on Twitter.


Eats & eXercise

This was part of my Dinner Last night, the last of the leftover grilled chicken thighs.

I also ate 4 pieces of bacon and 5 oz of chicken livers.

Before eating this meal, while still fasting … I completed my goal of 1,000 45lb Kettlebell Swings in a day.  Click here for the full post on the workout. 



This experiment is something that I should have done a long time ago.

Why didn’t I? …  IT IS TOUGH!! … it’s very restrictive, stating the obvious. :)

My mind is right and it is time.

IF you would like to join me… please do so.  I’d love to hear from you … if you do. :)