Fish, Cactus, Bacon and Eggs… diabetes friendly all.

The purpose of this post is three-fold …

1) Challenge you to eat new foods.  I want to encourage EACH and every one of you to OPEN YOUR MINDS when it comes to new foods.

By adding variety it increases the odds of success, especially those who waiver at times.

This post will demonstrate to you that I practice what I preach…. I have opened my mind to new foods and routinely experiment with them.

Here is a previous post I did on “Bizarre Foods Add Variety“.

2) The second purpose is to show you how I prepared a delicious meal that was enjoyed by EVERYONE … even ‘picky’ college kids who are addicted to high carb meal plans.


3) To shine the light on a GEM of a store… “La Huerta” or “The Orchard”.

Note: It doesn’t offer many meats.. (dried fish and cured pork was all I saw) but make no mistake, this is much more than a ‘produce stand’.  :)

The owner or manager was very friendly and knowledgeable, showing us how to cook and prepare.

Here are links I found on the internet.  Google Maps,  Yahoo and local newspaper



The Foods

This was a ‘good sized’ store and as you can see from the picture (above, top right) … it has many varieties of exotic foods.  Additionally it had more typical foods you would find in a major grocery store as well.  And the prices were very reasonable, in my opinion.


Here is a picture of the foods I purchased.

Click to enlarge


Hot Sauce, Nopales (cactus), Charal (dried fish) …and PORK RINDS! :)

Nopales cooked in BACON!


Above is the cactus braised in bacon grease for about 30 minutes, slowly.  It was very good. It had a slightly sweet taste initially but then a slight tartness.

Everyone finished their serving of Nopales! …and the bacon too of course. :)


My plate ... Charal & eggs, Nopales and BACON!

The picture above includes the Charal (dried fish) with scrambled eggs.   I know this may SOUND less than appetizing … but guess what?

Every single person finished every SINGLE serving provided.  There were people who did not want to try the fish and eggs… but with coaxing,  they tried it and liked it.  I loved it!!! :)


If I had discounted this silly ‘primal’ meal plan… I might still be on drugs and insulin.

My point?  Do NOT discount foods… keep an open mind and try new foods.

Do not say “I can’t eat certain foods” … unless you have  a true intolerance for them … YOU CAN.  You may not choose to eat them, but you eliminate meats and veggies at your peril in my opinion.  Here is a related post, “Say I Can!”.

Variety and diversity of  low carb, diabetic friendly, primal foods increases your chances for SUCCESS!

ARGH!!!!! :)


NOW!! … start thriving… not ‘just’ surviving.

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