Say “I Can!”

Too often people will tell me, “I can’t eat low carb paleo.” This defeatist attitude is troubling, people are giving up on living successfully with diabetes.

  • Of course everyone can eat ‘Low Carb Paleo”
  • Many choose not to, but everyone ‘can’.


Everyone can eat a ‘Low Carb Paleo” meal plan. If you think you are special and have a legitimate health reason (excuse) for NOT eating this way, contact me.

I can live successfully with diabetes


I eat a lot of diverse foods…  some times I eat ‘odd’ foods just to prove a point and some times just to ‘show off’.  I do not expect everyone to eat, ‘exactly’ like me… but you could.  However, everyone can and should eat according to this, ‘low carb paleo‘ diabetes diet.


Say I CAN!

say it, Say It, SAY IT!

When you say, “I can’t”, you really mean ‘I won’t”, or “I choose not to.”

do it, Do IT, DO IT!!!

Weekly I will run into diabetics, ok…not literally “run into them”. :)  I do not roam the streets in my vehicle looking for cars that say “diabetic inside” just so I can ram them! lol

…. although some may need something like that to wake them up from their ADA diabetes diet approach.


Apologies for the rambling…. NOW where was I ? :)

Several times a week I will talk with Diabetics who tell me…

” I can’t eat ______” .


Keep in mind I’m not asking them to eat “non traditional foods”. I’m not asking them to eat grub worms, nor ants nor locusts. So what am I asking them to eat?

THE MAIN staples of my diabetic meal plan are….

Beef, Fish, Pork, Eggs and Poultry and low carb vegetables like greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green peppers, onions, etc.


My Low Carb Paleo Food Pyramid

 live successfully with diabetes


Now, did you see anything on that list that was “odd” or “exotic”?   I do not and if you did… you need to “get over it”.

UNLESS you have a confirmed “allergy” or “intolerance” to any of the above listed foods… you can NOT say “I can’t eat them”.  And if you claim to have a health condition that prevents you from eating them, contact me.

You can say, “I choose not to eat them.”

I urge you to eat ‘low carb paleo’ and begin to  live successfully with diabetes.

IF you allow yourself to eat too many “high carb foods instead of those listed above” and if your diabetic food list requires you to take drugs, what you are really saying is….


” I choose to take drugs needlessly just so I can eat my high carb foods”.


Note:  ALL Diabetics can benefit from a Low Carb Food Pyramid  … EVEN Type 1’s,  of course they will require insulin until scientific breakthroughs occur. HOWEVER, Type 1’s can reduce insulin and improve health overall by following this plan.


In All Medicines There is Poison

Any truthful medical professional will tell you,

“in all medicines there is some poison”


Your goal in life is to limit drug use as much as possible but take them when they are needed. Just do your homework and make sure the benefits outweigh the poison.


The American Diabetes Ass.  (and their minions) support, promote, push a diabetic low fat diet that REQUIRES the vast majority of diabetics to take an ever increasing amount of DRUGS and INSULIN. …. that is immoral and unethical.

I urge you to stop saying, “I can’t” … and start saying ” I DO!”.

I DO CHOOSE to live.

I DO choose to THRIVE.

I do choose to live successfully with diabetes!


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  1. Many people look at what they should not eat instead of the large variety of food that they should eat. It leads them to feel deprived instead of thankful for what they are able to eat and enjoy.

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