Zero Carb Experiment

In a previous post I likened myself to a “Mad Scientist” when discussing another personal experiment I was conducting. I do experiment with my low carb meal plan, including the different ratios of protein, carb and fats as well as my exercise regimen.

  • Everything  we do is an experiment. We are the results of our inputs. Food, exercise sleep, etc.
  • Post topic: my ‘Zero Carb’ experiment.


While my carbohydrate totals are always low (usually sub 20 grams daily), I have been recently experimenting with the ultimate low carb meal plan called, “Zero Carb” (ZC).  Zero Carb does not necessarily mean -0- carbs, although it can be.


It does mean -0- carbs from plant materials. Under this particular plan, carbs can only be obtained from animal sources. For example, eggs are derived from animal but do contain carbs, approximately 1/2 gram per egg. Organ meats such as beef liver and some seafood can have carbs as well.


Why “Zero Carb”

To prove American Diabetes Ass. WRONG!

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends a low fat, grain based diabetic diet, that is high in carbs! The ADA and their minions ( CDEs, RDs, Endos etc) tell diabetics that they must consume 120 g of carbs PER DAY just for “routine body function”, others are told 120 g are needed for brain function alone!!

I have been VERY low carb for years, but how better to prove the ADA wrong than going … zero carb?


MY Zero Carb Experiment

So what did I eat?

Beef, pork, poultry, eggs and fish!  All animal based products.
Here is a Chart with my Exercises & Nutrients see the yellow column???


My Nutritional Values while Zero Carb


As you can clearly see, I consumed LESS than 40 g of carbs in two weeks… and still maintained a rigorous exercise schedule.

Brain function on Zero Carb? While I am not the brightest intellect, even on zero carbs… I think I can hold my own on most days. :)


 Zero Carb Affects

How did Zero Carb affect me? What did I feel differently?

In a word, nothing.

I could tell no difference in physical nor mental abilities. I’m guessing that moving from approximately 20 grams of carbs per day (or less) to 3 grams per day was not enough of a difference to “register” any changes. Which is a positive, as I maintained a high energy level. Every day, an hour or two after strenuous workouts I was “recharged” and often did multiple workouts.

I could continue on Zero Carb indefinitely and may very well choose to do so in the future.

There was -0- affect on blood sugars, nada… zip. I went into the experiment with normal blood sugars and came out with normal blood sugars.

This experiment has given me a very positive feeling about the future. I’m a Type 2 Diabetic and if/when my pancreas begins to fail, I know that I can go “Zero Carb”  to remain off of insulin and drugs for as long as possible.

My ultimate goal is truly normal blood sugars. I will fight to stay off drugs and insulin for as long as possible, however I will take drugs and insulin if required, to maintain truly normal blood sugars.


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  1. Congratulations, Steve, on a great zero carb outcome. This gives me great hope. Although I do love my veggies, it does help to know that if I have blood sugar problems, I can withhold them for a few days with no ill effects to my energy.

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