Handling the Rock, Baby

Can you handle the rock? Can you take care of business? Of course you can. Your journey to better health and fitness can begin today. A short post consisting of three short videos of my son and I playing basketball.

  • I’m thriving with diabetes … and not ‘just’ surviving.
  • Find your reason, find your ‘why’, to motivate you to reach your goals.


I’m a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic. Since 2009, I’ve been drug and insulin FREE, with non-diabetic normal blood sugars.

Thriving with diabetes


As an obese, chronically sick and a newly diagnosed diabetic, I thought about giving up and giving in. Luckily I decided to fight, I was not ready to give up on life… I was not ready to give up on LIVING! I found a better way to eat, play and to live!  Your journey to better health and fitness can start today. >> A Meal Plan You Can Live With <<


My Reason

In the summer of 2009, I had weaned off of drugs and insulin and was well on my way to better health and fitness. I was jogging up to 10 miles every other day.  However, my son was repeatedly beating me in one-on-one basketball games.

I am a competitive guy and I used my son’s beatings… to motivate me to improve my fitness. I had the ‘wind’ to compete but I was lacking in strength and stamina.  That all changed. :)


Brad’s Video

My son Brad and I went to a local outdoor court to play one-on-one basketball.

I recently turned 49 yrs OLD and he’s 19,  I’m 5′ 10″ and he’s 6′ 1″ … so it’s not really a fair contest. :)

In this first video you can see “Brad’s Game”, he only missed one shot during this brief warm up vid… so you know he has game. :)


This next video is my video during a break in between games. Brad’s chuckle makes me laugh…he’s immune to my “chatter” and is just chuckling to be polite. :)

Side Note: I am in day 13 of a Zero Carb experiment I was doing at the time.



This next video is a post basketball exercise…



One-On-One Outcome

This was a HOT, humid July day in North Carolina. Brad and I played two games.

When we took ‘timeouts’ during the games, Brad always called for break. He declined a third game.

Outcome?  I won both games 11-7 and 11-9 .


Goal achieved!  My increased strength and fitness training had paid off.

The point? YOU TOO can improve your health and fitness. I was obese and I am still DIABETIC.

Throw away the excuses and start eating a low carb paleo meal plan and start normalizing your blood sugars.  Begin to start a paleo-style exercise plan..

The key is to START!  If you have to, start out like I did… I started out walking.  Then walking, jogging and weight resistance exercises.  Try to do just a little more each day.

The results can change your life!

I have NEVER let my sons beat me, they must EARN victory on the court (and in life).   A little over a year ago, Brad was beating me in basketball but I haven’t lost in quite awhile.


This post is now exactly 6 years old, written in 2010. In those years Brad has beaten me a few times, and most recently he’s beaten me 3 games in a row.

Six years ago, while still on my ‘comeback’ from a diabetes diagnosis, Brad’s beating me in basketball was one of the events I used to push myself to better and better fitness.

Find something, anything that motivates you and … DO IT!

More evidence I am still thriving with diabetes, I just announced a year long trip to live in the wilderness of Alaska! “Going Wild in Alaska“.

Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally

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  1. steve,
    challenge has been issued . . . u & brad vs me & andrew (17yrs old) . .. . .pick a neutral court

    1. Eggzellent! Hopefully we can get together when I go to Mt. Airy to see dad. We talked about going up for a weekend. How far away are you from there? I think the Dean Dome is booked… :))

  2. Eggzellent! Hopefully we can get together when I go to Mt. Airy to see dad. We talked about going up for a weekend. How far away are you from there? I think the Dean Dome is booked… :))

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