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The Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist

First things first…. I experiment with my meal plan ALMOST all the time. When I am not experimenting, I eat according to this page, CLICK HERE.  I’ve been experimenting off and on since I discharged from the hospital with Diabetes (mostly on).  THE good news for me …  my experimentation has made a dramatic improvement in my health, fitness and wellbeing.

Obviously, I have been lucky to have good examples/mentors. I will not name all of them, for there have been many and I will likely leave someone out.  I will mention one, Mark Sisson.  Mark provides free advice through his website/blog, MarksDailyApple.  Calling his site a “blog” is like calling WWII a battle … it’s wrong. The information on his site has totally transformed my life … I owe Mark much. IF you have benefited from my advice or example… you too owe him.  His book,  “The Primal Blueprint” will totally change your mindset on nutrition and on LIVING…if you let it. :)

Back to my experimentation… it may surprise you to know that there is variety within the meal plan of  “The Primal Blueprint“.  My ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrates have varied since committing to living primally. There are many primal enthusiast on the internet and while we all have a common theme running thru our meals… the actual foods vary greatly.  In my meal plan, being diabetic, one thing has been constant, my carbohydrates have always been low (sub 50g) and typically sub 30g per day. In fact, over the last month or two, my daily carb totals have moved lower and lower.

With some exceptions, I am a “all or nothing” kind of guy. Once I commit to something, I typically “go for it” with gusto. That attitude has been a benefit in my battle with Diabetes. I have read, researched and tested many aspects of my nutritional and exercise plan. I urge every person (Diabetic or not) to do the same… GO FOR IT!!!

My most recent victory with experimentation has been with dairy products. Mark Sisson discusses dairy HERE. I won’t rehash his comments, but suffice it to say most people are Dairy intolerant AND I only recently discovered that I was one of those that are. You can read about my experience HERE.  Recently, I did have a failed experiment that I will mention briefly. I did try to consume lowER fat and while my fat consumption as a percentage of calories did decrease… moving from 65-75% to 45-55% …. I wanted to go much lower but could not make myself do it.

Wrap Up:

All of this is leading up to my latest challenge or experiment.

I want to make this clear. What I am about to tell you does fit within the “PRIMAL Umbrella”  however it is NOT the typical primal meal plan.  Also, I am not suggesting nor promoting it for anyone else.  This is something that I wanted to try and I am “going for it”.

I have read about and communicated with people who have taken the ultimate “low carb” meal plan and are doing well. Based on my conversations and readings, I do feel it is safe for me to experiment with…. Zero Carb Meal Plans

** NOTE: Zero Carb does not necessarily mean -0- carbs per day, technically speaking it means -0- carbs from plant sources. Eggs for example have about 2g of carbs per 4 eggs. Heavy cream has approximately 1g of carb per ounce… so it’s possible to obtain carbs from animal sources.

Why did I decide to try this?   Prior to trying Zero Carb (ZC) I had been down to and below 20g, all the while, maintaining a strenuous exercise regimen. This just seems natural to take it to the next level… I know this seems extreme, I would have said the same thing a year ago.

** THE main reason I want to try this… is to prove to YOU … that you do NOT need carbs to live…. YOU DO NOT NEED CARBS TO THRIVE!!! (despite what the American Diabetes Ass. and their minions may tell you.)

Eating according to the Primal Blueprint typically means a diverse food list of vegetables, fruits, nuts and of course meats. PLEASE do not see my food list (which will be all animal products) and assume that this is the standard Primal Meal Plan…. it is NOT.

How long will I stay on the Zero Carb meal plan?  A lot depends on how I feel … I actually started last Friday, five days ago…so far, so good. :)

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section and thanks for reading this post.

6 thoughts on “The Mad Scientist”

  1. ** Update: I am in day 6 of my Zero Carb experiment… all is well.

    Worked out for 50 mins in the sun doing plyometrics. A couple of hours later now…and I am recharged and ready for MORE!!! :)

  2. Michelle Trevino

    I love ZC! I do it 6 days a week now. It took awhile to get used to a meal without side dishes, but I'm a pretty creative gal. It's all about seasonings and having fun with your eggs. :)

  3. Michelle Trevino

    Well, on Saturday mornings, I make coconut flour pancakes, which adds an additional 9 g for the day. Even though it doesn't raise my BG because it does have protein and a lot of fiber, I still try not to indulge in it too much or it will start up my carb cravings. ;)

  4. How long have you been ZC? Are you still working out etc?

    I have three more days to complete my two weeks, that is what I originally planned. Not sure what I'm going to do after that… :)

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