500th post! Most Viewed and Favorites


500Wow! When I started this blog back in 2010 … who knew!?!  :)

I’m going to give a brief introduction and then go to the most viewed and favorite posts. :)

I started the blog because …

  •  I was being mocked and ridiculed. I can take ridicule and mocking but after months and months, it got old…  I have written a fair amount of posts dishing it out. :)   (for some examples click here “Wall of Shame”)
  • The main reason I started a blog? I was blocked and banned from sites that support the American Diabetes Association’s high carb, grain based meal plan.  I am on my 3rd Facebook account.

My voice was being silenced!!! So i started a blog of my own.  Originally it was paleowarrior.com but I migrated all the posts and opened Diabetes-Warrior.net  in May/June 2010.

The blog’s purpose is to motivate, educate and yes … entertain!!!  A common thread through most of the posts is as the subtitle to my blog states,

“Diabetes management from a Paleolithic Perspective”

I will not lie, it is very gratifying to know that many have been helped by my posts and is a source of great pride. :)

THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS and supporters … you mean much to me.  YOU are a constant source of inspiration and energy to me.
Now… on to selected posts and pages. :)   I loved doing this post because it reminded me of many posts I had forgotten about!


10 Most Viewed Posts

(most to least views)

Very Low Carb Strict Paleo Experiment

This Site is being investigated  ( I sued the state of NC and it is still being litigated)

Low Carb High Fat Update

How Do Nutritionists Sleep At Night

Dear Pancreas You May Rest Now

Diabetes and Life Insurance

Link Between Type 2 & Carbs

Pharma Pays ADA $31 million

Resistant Starch Q & A

Insanity Is


Favorite Posts

As I skimmed the posts, I’m sure I am leaving out some… but I REALLY like all of these. :)


Favorite Posts – General 

My Blood Sugar Targets and Why

Blood Sugar, the Brain and Dementia

Your DNA is not your Destiny!

Listen to the Experts … or listen to me.

Why Low Carb Works

Tale of Two Type 2’s

Financial Disclosure for Doctors Nascar style?


Humorous Posts

Travel Exercise Ideas

Shiitake Hit the Fan

It’s a Crazy World…

Diabetic vs CDE


Favorite Posts – Me

First Year with Diabetes

First Barefoot Mile on Pavement

Labels of Drugs I ‘Took”.


Favorite Food Posts 

Best Pizza Crust Ever – Hail Fat HEAD! —  LOL!

Steak Shrimp and Grits 

Meat Muffins

Low Carb Primal Chili 

Low Carb Chicken Wings


Medical Industry Confrontations

CDE Responds

If You have to Say You are Smarter… are YOU? 

CDE called me Unkind and Twisted

MD’s Argument Part  One,  Two and Three (separate posts)


Study Posts

Failed the Smell Test

Red Meat Kills

Meat Causes Diabetes

Fat Causes Diabetes 

This Accord is not Honda



Sincerest and heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported me.  MUAH!

Also, sincerest thanks to all those that ridiculed, mocked, blocked and banned me from your sites.  You forced me to go my own way… and strengthened my resolve.

I would hope that in the next four years I can help exponentially more people … while I financially hurt those that profit from the pain and suffering of the disease.  Specifically big food, big pharma and the medical industry.

Peace, love and NORMAL BLOOD SUGARS!


PS –  I want to thank Mark Sisson of MarksDailyApple.com and Richard Nikoley of FreeTheAnimal.com.  I owe much to many but these two in particular were important ‘mentors’ for me. :)