Diabetes and Life Insurance

imagesI seek avenues to convince people that there is … a better way.

When  Mack Dudayev contacted me on Facebook asking if he could write a guest post on my website about life insurance… I said “YES!”. :)


1) I had questions I wanted answered.
2) This was an opportunity to share information with readers.
3) I wanted to use this as a teaching opportunity about blood sugar control… to teach that there is a better way.




1) I do not know Mack (other than an email exchange), nor can I vouch for him or his company.  From our communications he certainly seems legit and knowledgeable. 

2) I have received no remuneration, no favors, no discounts etc.  My only ‘benefit’ is the information he’s passing on to me … and you. :)

As you read his article below… think about what this means to you or someone you know who has diabetes.


Thanks MACK!!!




Wondering what life insurance, paleo lifestyle and diabetes have in common, well its money. Yes money is what you will be saving lots of if you implement the information to come. See when it comes to getting life insurance all the companies will evaluate your overall health and lifestyle. Unfortunately I have seen my share of life insurance applicants with diabetes pay 2-3 times more than what an average person will pay for life insurance. Also lets not forget to mention how many folks end up getting declined altogether. Being a strong believer in a low carb diet I came across Steve’s blog and let me just say I was blown away to find out that he actually got off insulin and Actos by saying no to the morning bagel. By following this diet and exercise regimen you can bring your a1c levels down drastically which will not only help you look and feel great but can also save you money on your life insurance.

 Diabetes and Life Insurance

When it comes to diabetes and life insurance it’s important to understand what life insurance companies look for. To make a decision, a carrier will consider the type of diabetes that you have, the degree of control ( a1c levels, glucose levels, complications, build and medications) and the age of onset.  Now before moving forward let’s cover how life insurance companies determine pricing.

It is done by assigning a health rate class to you which take into consideration a few factors. Please briefly review the different categories in order to follow along with the industry jargon coming your way.

Preferred Plus/Preferred – usually a rate class given to individuals who are very healthy with no medical conditions, no family history of serious illnesses and ideal build(height/weight). This is where you get the absolute best monthly premium possible.


Standard Plus/Standard – this is a rate class assigned to someone who might have family history, existing medical condition or doesn’t qualify based on build for the preferred class. Majority of people get this rate class,. This rating is not as inexpensive as preferred rates but still very reasonable.


Substandard – this particular rating has many levels know as tables and it goes from table 1 to table 10. Each table is a 25% increase in the premium charged. People who get a substandard rate are usually considered higher risk by the company’s underwriters. Anyone with this rate class will typically pay a lot more for life insurance and higher the table number higher the payments.


When it comes to the type of diabetes you have, people with type 2 will typically be able to qualify much easier and also receive more favorable rates. You can still get coverage with type 1 but only if you have good control of your diabetes and only with a few selected companies. One of the most important factors used for determining your rate class and eligibility are your current A1c levels. If you have A1c levels below 7.0 you can qualify for standard rates at best. However if they are between 7.1 to 8.0 expect to get substandard rating of table 2 to table 4. Anything above 8 will result in table 5 and up, or a decline if your diabetes are not under control. Besides your A1c levels, the company will also look at your build and if it is outside their criteria an additional rating will be added on top. It’s also very common for insulin dependent diabetics to pay more for life insurance than those that take oral medication. Lastly your age of onset will contribute to the rating as well. The older you were when first diagnosed the better. If you are over 50 you’re in the safe zone each decade prior will be additional rating.


Paleo and Diabetes


The standard food pyramid diet will have your body develop insulin resistance with a significant weight gain as a bonus in no time. Foods that are part of the carb and sugar family only add more to an already existing problem. A true solution can only be found in a paleo lifestyle. A diet consisting mainly of protein and fat with a percentage of plants will help you improve your diabetes since it will not trigger huge sugar spikes that cause insulin resistance. Consistent exercise that combines strength and cardio training is huge plus. Paleo diet along with a dedicated exercise regimen will help you get into fat burning mode also known as ketosis. You want ketosis since this is when your body starts using fat as fuel by turning it into glucose. Okay so now we summarized that paleo lifestyle will help you lose weight and get you significant improvements with your diabetes. Lets look at some examples of how rates can be influenced


Lets say Peter, a Male age 52 non smoker with type 2 diabetes is applying for $500,000 20 year term life insurance policy.


Peter Prior to Paleo Lifestyle


A1C level: 8.5

Complications: none

Height/Weight: 5’8 245 lbs

Treatment: Metformin and insulin. Exercise.


Result: Approved at sub-standard table 6 rate class paying $4,347.50 per year.


Peter as a Diabetes Warrior

A1C level:  6.0

Complications: none

Height/Weight: 5’8 190 lbs

Treatment: Paleo diet with oral medication only. also follows an exercise regimen


Result: Approved at a Standard rate class paying $2,140 per year.


These are not made up life insurance rates they are actually one of the best quotes available out of the 60 companies we work with. As you can see following a strict paleo diet with exercise can save you $2207.50 per year and $44,150 over 20 years of the life insurance policy if you were Peter. You might ask well where is the proof that this can work, well just look at Steve as “Exhibit A”. What Steve has accomplished is nothing short of a miracle. By using diet and exercise he was able to get off all medications including insulin. I’m sure just like me, Steve wonders why this information is not more readily available to people, and I understand his frustration. That’s why I appreciate him screaming on top of his lungs and letting his story be heard on the world wide web.


If treating your diabetes, losing weight and improving your overall health is not enough to give paleo lifestyle a go now you can have some cash as an incentive. If you are ready to take control of your health browse around Diabetes Warrior to get a ton of information and if you need help securing a life insurance policy come visit us at Insurechance.


By Mack Dudayev


Mack Dudayev is a life insurance expert specializing in acquiring life insurance for diabetic applicants at Insurechance.com which is a life insurance agency that allows you to compare life insurance quotes online with A-rated carriers.


Take Home Points


Points to Consider:   Insurance companies ‘plan’ to make money. They spend a tremendous amount of effort to make sure they do.

If a diabetic does not have well controlled blood sugars … your future likely holds many diabetic complications.  Neuropathy, retinopathy, heart, liver, pancreas and kidney diseases are likely.  Also amputations are a sad eventuality for many diabetics… who are not well controlled.  All of these maladies are expensive!!!   Expensive not only in $$$$!!   But in ‘opportunity costs’ as well.  These maladies cause a great deal of pain, suffering and anguish.

When it comes to life insurance … it’s all about life expectancy.  How long will the diabetic live?

Life insurance companies know how long a typical diabetic will live given the variables Mack mentioned above.  That’s why the rates are doubled (and more) for an uncontrolled diabetic.   THEY KNOW an uncontrolled diabetic will NOT live very long when compared to a well controlled diabetic.

The American Diabetes Association, the American Association of Diabetes Educators … they ALL know that an uncontrolled diabetic will have major health problems with pain, anguish and a shortened life expectancy… so why do they promote a high carb, grain based meal plan that makes it tougher for diabetics to control blood sugar????


Why not do as I do??? Why not eat and live as I eat??

Why not make a lifestyle change that will save you MONEY, pain and suffering???

Why NOT start THRIVING!!!! … and not just surviving.

Where to start???? … right here of course. :)    My Meal Plan Links