Testing Blood Sugar Meters and Diabetic Supplies


I do a lot of experimenting with foods and exercise but I’ve never compared meters.  I’ve always wanted to do so… but did not want to pay for meters and the strips needed to do the testing.   That all changed when I received an email from Annie Sullivan from TotalDiabetesSupply.com titled ‘Interested in Collaborating’.

They offered to provide a discount of 5% for the readers of this blog.  To receive the discount simply use the code is “warrior” at check out.  The 5% applies to the product totals, before shipping and handling.

  (The discount does not include OneTouch, animas, and minimed products)

The coupon will be applied at checkout and it will calculate the discount off of the product total, before shipping & handling is calculated. However, if your order is over $99 then you will receive free shipping in addition to the 5% off.

Additionally, I asked and they agreed to give me diabetic equipment and supplies to test and review.   Woo HOO! :)

… I am EXCITED!  Now I can test the different blood sugar meters they carry!

Note: Other than free testing equipment and supplies, I receive no other benefit, pay, remuneration, etc.

This should not need to be said but I’ll say it.  I will review all products honestly and openly… and TotalDiabetesSupply.com (TDS) is aware of this and approves. :)

Lastly, I am not endorsing TDS. Other than a few emails and the prompt shipment of my first blood sugar meter (for review) I have had no contact nor experience with this company.

So far they have been very accommodating and understanding in dealing with me.  This first post has been delayed a month by me for personal reasons and as noted, TDS has been very accommodating.

Testing and Reviews

I’m most excited about testing meters and their accuracy.   Especially when compared to my existing meter… should be interesting! :)

I’ll also be testing and reviewing supplies… so if you have any supplies that you would like for me to review, send me an email to [email protected] or leave a comment.

When requesting a product review, please include a link to the product on the TotalDiabetesSupply.com (TDS) website.  That tells me the exact product and … I will know that TDS carries the product. :)

First Review?

Dr. Bernstein’s favorite meter… the Freestyle Lite.   I’ll have that review coming soon.