Braised Roast Salad with Broth

Beef and Cheese Salad with Beef Broth Salad Dressing

On the next to the last day in Wilmington, NC  (see previous post, “Thriving in Wilmington“) I made a grocery run.

I purchased a beef round roast (it was on sale) and decided to slice it up thin, braise in bacon  and add to a salad.

Why did I slice and braise as opposed to broiling or roasting?

… time.

I needed to fix lunch for “the crew” and I didn’t want to wait hours. This meal was prepared in less than 30 minutes. :)

Note:  Any roast will work great for this ‘recipe’ … but I like using cheap cuts, especially lean cheap cuts, the bacon adds needed fat!

This turned out so good.  I actually ate two plates, there was no salad dressing, no olive oil in the apartment so I ate the first plate dry.

Then I thought about how good bacon grease added to ‘greens’ tastes … and next I thought about Jose Juan Marti’s story of adding coconut oil to salads as dressing.

Bacon grease added to ‘greens’ … Coconut Oil added to salads… “Huh!”, I thought. What’s wrong with adding the bacon and beef grease to the salad… so I tried it.  I simply spooned some of the bacon/beef juice over the salad.

Wow Was it GOOD!!!



 1. Fry BACON! … all great recipes start with bacon.  I cooked the meat on Medium Heat.


 2.  While the Bacon is frying, slice the Round Roast and add to the large skillet.

3. Turn the meat once all the meat has been sliced and added to the skillet.  I’d suggest turning every 5 minutes for a nice even cooking of the meat.


4. Add your favorite salad mix to a plate and once the meat is done cut into bite sized strips and add to the salad.

I also season with Tony Chachere’s and Black Pepper. :)


Note:  The top picture above shows the salad with ‘meat juice’ used as salad dressing… it was SO GOOD!!!


Try it … you might just like it.  It’s loaded with healthy saturated fats. :)

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