My Primal Update, Part II

In the previous post I showed an updated picture and shared workout videos, click here if you missed that post.

I am a type 2 diabetic, with normal blood sugar who is drug and insulin free. :)

This post is primarily a pictorial of the rest of my day, highlighting my ‘challenges’ and the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mt. Airy, NC.  The town is in the mountains of North Carolina.

To the right is a picture of the big crowd in Mt. Airy. There were 100’s of  craft tents and food vendors.

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Primal Challenges

I had eXercised in a fasted state and was not hungry as we left the house to go to the mountains.   Before going to the festival we were stopping by my father’s for a birthday party and I didn’t think he would have primal treats for me … so I stopped on the way and bought pork rinds.   Here’s a post  I did on pork rinds, “Are Pork Rinds Paleo“.

I knew I would not be tempted… but as a rule, I never go to a birthday party unless I am sated. No reason to tempt myself. :)

Below is a Nutritional Label for pork rinds.


This was my first primal challenge … but really, it was no challenge at all.

Most surprising to me??? … my wife stood with me and did NOT eat any cake nor ice cream!!!

I was proud of her.

Luckily someone had brought the barbecue and sausages (below)… this was my snack!  :)


After the birthday festivities we headed to the Autumn Leaves Festival, below are pictures of the Food Court fare  … would I be tempted there?

Funnel Cakes –  some people believe this qualifies as food, since this was sold in the food court.  I do not. :)


Funnel Cakes... what is this sugary, glutenous ...substance doing in the food court?


Supersized Donuts … these were twice the normal size.


The people below were very cool and allowed me to take their picture.  When I first saw the Coconut I got EXCITED! … I thought it might be coconut water… nope! … a sugary concoction. :(



In the end I was once again victorious… no ‘cheats’.    When I first went primal, it took me 2-3 months to truly break my carb addiction … ever since I have not been tempted.

When I view the grain based, high carb substances above I do NOT consider them food. I am not tempted at all.

Someone commented how ‘dedicated’ I am in not ‘cheating’… I honestly do not consider myself dedicated, I do not consider myself as sacrificing at all.


Start thriving and not just surviving!


Oh… and just so you know… this is what I was rewarded with when we returned home.  Grilled Ribeyes and collards!  This is truly diabetes friendly foods, not American Diabetes Association friendly. :)


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  1. Here in Idaho, festivals and fairs actually do have primal options – smoked turkey legs are a staple, and you can find the occasional roast elk booth where they’re very accommodating and will serve you sandwiches without the bread!

    1. Roast elk … mmmm that sounds good! :) … there were some good options there, steak, turky leg and pork vendors. Other than the turkey leg, I did not see any of them without buns or I would have taken a picture of them as well. My dad was already getting ill at my picture taking… he is still eating a SAD diet. :( Thanks!

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