I am NOT a fan of ‘added sugar’, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  I am not a fan of sugar at all…  because we  know that sugar causes the blood glucose level to exceed ‘normal levels’ and requires insulin to remove it from the blood stream. For diabetics… this […]

War on Sugar

I’ve been slack posting lately… this is ‘only’ my 8th post of the month and most of those are food posts. One thing is certain… it’s  NOT from a lack of topics … part of the problem is too many topics.   Ollie For the last five days… Ollie (the canine […]

Ollie and Stuff

  THANK YOU ALL for the many ‘Birthday Wishes’ … It meant much to me … it’s very gratifying …  sincerest thanks. :)   Birthday Exercise Most days I attempt to set new personal records and so should you!!!  No matter what it is… if it’s only walking to the […]

Primal 50th Birthday, New Personal Record

On May 19th another experiment as well as another challenge was undertaken. Here is an introduction post about the ‘why’ … “Primal Failures” and this is my “Plan of Attack“. To sum them up, I am experimenting and challenging myself to: a) Develop 6 pack abs in 21 days. b) […]

Day 7 Update – Plan of Attack

Introduction Do YOU follow a low carb, primal or paleo style meal plan? If so, you know the positive affect it can have on your life. Fact: Everyone I know who has adhered to a paleo / primal lifestyle has reduced drugs…EVERYONE. Should you doubt me read these posts … […]

Taking a Stand… Do SOMETHING!

In my previous post I mentioned my unmet goals… click here for that post, “Primal Failures” … granted they are not significant in relation to my overall health and ‘thrivability‘ … however, a GOAL made is a goal that must be PLAYED! 21 Day Goals 1) Six Pack Abs 2) […]

Plan of Attack & Before Pics

First, let me say YES it is true… I have had two Primal Failures.  I like to brag or show successes…but I do have failures too. It is also TRUE that when looking at the goals that REALLY count … PRIMAL Delivered… BIG TIME! Those main goals are: 1) Improved […]

Primal Failures

A recent exchange with a Certified Diabetes Educator was the topic of this  post, “Certified Diabetes Educator Responds“.  You should read that post before reading this one. But in summary, the lady has a daughter with Type 1 Diabetes and…. She stated that she did sometimes take offense to my […]

Diabetes Educator Responds (II)

Set Up This is my mom’s chicken stew recipe … kind of. By simply substituting Coconut Flour (for Wheat Flour) and Heavy Cream (for milk) … I was able to turn a long time FAMILY favorite into a tasty primal dish. I have fond memories of Fall Chicken Stews ….. […]

Mom’s Chicken Stew is now primal. :)

Things were a little hectic last week… and a milestone was reached without acknowledgement. … my blog was ‘birthed’ May 5, 2010.  Here was my first post… a ‘recipe’ for “Meat Muffins” … seems appropriate some how. :) If you check the archives there are older posts that go back […]

Diabetes Warrior Turned 1 Last Week

This Mother’s Day was a relatively easy ‘holiday meal’ to prepare. It was soooo good… my wife EVEN loved it!!! :) Menu: 1) Pork Shoulder – actually cooked this yesterday and only needed to reheat … not a bad way to prepare… I will need to remember this. Regardless, it […]

Primal and Diabetes Friendly – Mother’s Day Meal

The world …and all the people are divided into two groups…. Those that literally clean their plates and those that do not. Do YOU ALWAYS clean your plate? Growing up … I heard over and over about all those stories of “starving children in China” … it instilled in me […]

Clean your plate?

When you read this post … keep in mind that people pay for this “PATHETIC ADVICE!” … people buy her books based on this… luckily only a few poor saps read her blog posts. —- I wrote several posts about “High Carb” Hope Warshaw recently and I REALLY want to […]

I Tried to Ignore This …Pathetic Diabetes Advice

I am on the mailing list for the American Diabetes Association … why? For all the great information and helpful articles? …. BA HAHAHAHA! No…  I am on their mailing list BECAUSE of the old adage… Keep your friends close … and your enemies closer. :) By the way… I […]

Diabetes … Medicine Cabinet?

I have a post maintaining a summary of my Blood Sugar, Exercise and Commentary while attempting a seven day Coconut Oil Fast, you can view it here. “7 Day Fast“. That post is getting kind of long …and I am ONLY ON day 2.   I wanted to do a […]

Pics of Thriving with Diabetes

I am posting pictures of our trip this weekend for two reasons… 1) So you can see how beautiful Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington, NC truly are. 2) So you can see… I live a normal life. Well… a normal life for a fit, non-diabetic. :) Activities My exercise??? a) Swimming […]

Wrightsville Beach, April ’11

  My friend John Hanson posted a video today and I found it very enlightening … so much so that I wanted to share it permanently in a blog post. In this video you can clearly see the affects of sugar on the blood stream.   Thanks to John for […]

[Video] Affects of Carbs on Blood

…. the rumors you may have heard are true …. YES, once upon a time … I too was intimidated by the word…Omelette’s! But alas … NO MAS! EVEN this can be blamed in part on “Conventional Wisdom”. Once you learn to eat natural saturated fats (NOT veggie oils and […]

Easy Primal Omelette’s

This post is a follow up to “When is a Diabetic Toe … Just a Toe“. You may want to read it quickly before reading this post if you have not done so. I am diabetic, therefore my toes are ‘diabetic toes’ … however since I successfully treat my diabetes […]

Diabetic Toe … Part II