My My My … Grilled Chuck Eye

Fatty meats are diabetes friendly!  This includes steaks! …especially fatty steaks. In this post I’ll share…

  • Grilling Techniques
  • Numerous  Chuck Eye Steak Pictures


When I discovered this ‘cut’, I knew had to write about it.  Until recently I’d never heard of a ‘CHUCK EYE’ Steak but two of my friends Marilyn Hubbard and Kim Brosnan mentioned it as being a very delicious and reasonably priced piece of meat.


After weeks of looking for this particular steak, I finally found them and I purchased these on sale for $4.49 per lb. WOOO HOO!!!


Chuck Eyes are Diabetes Friendly

Below you will see additional pictures as well as my general steak cooking method, of course sometimes I just throw them on the grill and pepper them while cooking. I usually like to season them a little before hand.

Too, and this is usually true for all ‘bargain’ cuts, I try to take a few quick steps to tenderize them a little.

Note: I purchased 6 Chuck Eyes, all were very flavorful, only one was on the ‘tough’ side. I knew it was going to be tougher when I removed it from the freezer. It did not have the ‘nice marbling’ that I normally look for. So I blame myself for not being careful when I purchased it. I was so EXCITED when I finally found the Chuck Eyes, I just grabbed the first six and ran to the cash register… LITERALLY! :)

Why do I say, “fatty meats are diabetes friendly”? Fatty meats are the cornerstone of my diabetes diet because (briefly), they provide us with protein for our muscles and fat for our fuel. If this is foreign concept to you, I urge you to give my diabetes a diet a try for 30 days!



1.  Punch holes in the steak using a fork (I don’t do this for rib eyes if they are marbled).  Melt Butter and brush the butter onto the steak, covering it well on both sides.

2. Sprinkle favorite seasonings… for me it is Black Pepper and Tony Chachere’s

As you can see from the picture below, my steaks were still cold from the refrigerator, the butter hardened. As with all of my pictures… CLICK TO ENLARGE!

I prefer to do this step an hour or two before grilling but it’s also fine ‘just before’ throwing the meat on the grill.


3. Start the grill and I normally will take Extra Virgin Oil Oil and a wire brush and clean my grill while it’s warming up.  This also coats the grill with a thin film of oil to reduce ‘sticking’…. the butter coating helps there as well.

4. Throw the slabs of meat on the grill!

Note: I prefer my steaks ‘seared’ on the outside and rare inside.

If you have not eaten one ‘rare’ … you really , really should try it. :)

Note: Chuck Eyes usually have an ‘oven mitt’ appearance. Can you see it?


5. Add Veggies – If you enlarge this picture you should be able to see that I coated the veggies in melted butter, black pepper and Tony Chachere’s.

Note: Depending on how ‘done’ you prefer your veggies, you may want to add them before cooking the meat.


Lastly, the Chuck Eye is a VERY good piece of meat at a great price.  As mentioned earlier, all six that I’ve tried had great flavor and only one was “tough” but I fault myself for not looking at the marbling of the meat.

Steaks are Diabetes Friendly

If you see these in the grocery store … Do NOT buy them.  Hopefully no one else will either … and I can continue to buy these … “ON SALE”!

Seriously, I urge you to eat like me, give my FREE ‘diabetes diet‘ a try.



Another view on the grill … note the “oven mit” shape??




Do not listen to the American Diabetes Association nor the ADA Minions such as the American Association of Diabetes Educators by avoiding meats!!!!

Do AVOID GRAINS and SUGAR!!! … this includes cakes, cookies, breads and … BAGELS!!!



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