lowER FAT & Blood Sugar Update 7/7/11

This was my Overnight Fast Blood Sugar reading yesterday.

I have not provided an update on my blood sugars in quite awhile.

After amost two years of following a HIGH FAT meal plan (averaging @ 66% of my calories from fat)  … and a 26 day experiment of  VERY HIGH FAT (77% of calories from fat) I decided to experiment with a lowER fat meal plan. Here’s a post explaining my experiment.


I have to stress this because it never fails … someone will say, “Steve, why are you going low fat?”

The experiment is still ongoing but for the past 20 days I’ve averaged 57% of my calories from fat. This is not LOW FAT … it’s lowER fat. :)

I wanted to go lower than that… but it’s tough giving up the fat!!! :)    I will try to push lower for the next week…. hoping to bring my ‘experiment’ fat percentage into the 45-55% range.


Affect on Blood Sugar

Through all of my experiments over the past two years, my blood sugar levels have been in ‘normal’ ranges with a few exceptions. The exceptions seemed to be brought on by stress combined with a lack of sleep, those two seem to go together. :(

Excess protein does or can raise blood sugar.  I remain VERY LOW CARB and since I’ve cut my fat … protein has definitely increased.  On some days my protein has approached 300 grams but it’s typically  in the 150 – 200 gram range, per day.

During this ‘experiment’ my Blood Sugars have increased at times, I’ve had Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose (OFBG) readings in the upper 90’s … thus far they have not exceeded 100 mg/dl … but I read once or twice a week, not daily.   I need to add, my daily ‘total carb’ totals have increased some days, I still average less than 22g per day for this experiment but one day I did exceed 50 grams… by .7 … :)

There are too MANY variables that affect blood sugar, I can NOT say my occasional higher Blood Sugar readings are due to elevated protein consumption. or a day of highER carbs …  as my sleep and stress have been elevated lately as well.

Most recently however, my Overnight Fasting Blood Glucose readings have all been WELL within normal ranges.   The picture  above shows my OFBG yesterday … and below is a  video taping of my Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar today. :))



Super High Fat …. Very High Fat… or just High Fat …. the ONLY ‘constant’ during the past two years has  been  VERY LOW CARB .   I almost forgot … I also did ALL FAT for four days.  :)

Through all the twists and turns … my blood sugar remains NORMAL for NON-DIABETICS! During the all coconut oil ‘trial’ … my blood sugars dropped too low (53 mg/dl) and I was forced to quit early.

And just so you know … I do NOT follow ANY of the meal plans nor recipes of the American Diabetes Ass!   … nor their partner in crime, the American Ass of Diabetes Educators.


BUT … YOU can continue down the failed path … continuing to eat high carb ‘balanced meals’ full of glutenous whole grains and sugary treats … I like what I have going on.

THRIVING … not just surviving.

Here is my Diabetes Warrior Info:

My Diabetes Meal Plan ( a true diabetes diet, not like most of those promoted by American Diabetes Association.


2 thoughts on “lowER FAT & Blood Sugar Update 7/7/11”

  1. Great post Steve!!! This is a great experiment. Been 3 months for me now, my OFBG was 190 when I started 4/28/11, and on 7/28/11 was 119 !!! Take that ADA, Primal/Paleo is the only way to live!! Keep GROKIN ON Brother!! – Tim

    1. Thanks Tim.. you have made GREAT progress, congrats to YOU!

      Your early progress would make most “ADA Way” diabetics envious … and as you well know your benefits are only beginning!!! ARGGHHH!!!!! :))

      Thanks again Tim … to your continued SUCCESS!

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