Primal and Diabetes Friendly – Mother’s Day Meal

Pork Shoulder with Creamed Cauliflower and Coconut Flour GRAVY!

This Mother’s Day was a relatively easy ‘holiday meal’ to prepare.

It was soooo good… my wife EVEN loved it!!! :)


1) Pork Shoulder – actually cooked this yesterday and only needed to reheat … not a bad way to prepare… I will need to remember this. Regardless, it was cooked in a Grok Pot (crock pot) and could have easily been prepared today.  I’ve posted about cooking pork roast, you can see it here.

Here’s how it looked yesterday.   (Click On All Pictures to Enlarge)

Grok Pot (Crock Pot) Chicken


2) Gravy – The broth was congealed since the roast was refrigerated yesterday, this is how it looked in the pot.   The gravy recipe is simple… add cream, broth and Coconut Flour and whisk/stir. Total time cooking was about 20 minutes.   Here is a full post on making the Gravy.



3) Creamed Cauliflower – I used frozen this time but a head of cauliflower works even better.
After defrosting 1 lb of cauliflower, I placed in the food processor and added enough heavy cream to ‘cream’ the cauliflower.

Next, I placed in a bowl with a stick of butter and spiced with Tony Chachere’s and black pepper.

I cooked the cauliflower for 4 minutes total, stopping every minute to stir thoroughly.


4) Spinach – cooked frozen spinach in ‘pork shoulder’ juice and topped with Coconut Flour GRAVY! :)


5) Below is a picture of the pork shoulder and gravy …  my wife who is ‘part-time’ primal… LOVED IT!!!  … and she’s a picky eater. :)


** Hope YOU too have a very PRIMAL Mother’s Day.

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