War on Sugar


I am NOT a fan of ‘added sugar’, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS).  I am not a fan of sugar at all…  because we  know that sugar causes the blood glucose level to exceed ‘normal levels’ and requires insulin to remove it from the blood stream.

For diabetics… this means drugs and insulin must be consumed/injected.  I attempt to avoid drugs and insulin as much as possible.

What we KNOW.  We know that the body requires about 120 grams of glucose … and the body is well equipped to produce that amount via the liver. The process is called gluconeogenesis … people (ADA Minion) love to tell DIABETICS that they MUST consume 120g of carbohydrates per day….TO LIVE!

Which is completely and totally FALSE… as stated previously, the body requires 120g of GLUCOSE and our body makes all we NEED.

I think you can see that I am NOT a fan of “sugar” … having said that, I feel a little uneasy with some of the stories in the press recently…. namely this one, “Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables“.  In an attempt to quell the growing obesity epidemic some governmental bodies are seeking to tax ‘bad foods’, especially sodas and junk food.  I agree that ‘we’ should reduce consumption of  both ….

An Aside:  I take great pains to leave religion and politics out of my blog, in fact out of all of my ‘social’ activities.

Why?   Both are SO POLARIZING!  My ‘mission’ is to help people improve their health and fitness.  If everyone improved their health, the WORLD would be in much better shape (pardon the pun).  Some of the greatest burdens our governments face are Healthcare costs … 

Alienating ONE person with a discussion of religion or politics, in my view could be damning them to a life of pain and suffering … if their alienation causes them to never try a low carb primal meal plan.

Having said the above… let’s continue…


Back to the War on Sugar

I am uneasy with the notion that governments should attempt to intervene in food choices.

I KNOW  that every person who tries “low carb primal” reduces drugs and improves health markers (everyone I know about).  That is 100% reduction in drugs and health improvement…

…. low carb primal is much more than just reducing sugar but reducing sugar is a huge STEP in improving your health.  Still I become nervous when a governmental body decides what foods are unhealthy.  Why?

We know that governments and quasi governmental bodies have a way of “mucking things up”.

So I do agree that we should reduce sugar and sodas today… but what about tomorrow???

What will the government decide is ‘bad’ for us tomorrow?  … saturated fats???  From the article mentioned above…

Though experts increasingly recommend a diet high in plants and low in animal products and processed foods, ours is quite the opposite, and there’s little disagreement that changing it could improve our health and save tens of millions of lives.


1. Experts have gotten it wrong … for at least 40-50 years. The experts have been preaching a high carb, low fat meal plan for at LEAST 40 years!!!! … where has that gotten us????  MORE AND MORE OBESE!!!

** I am against hydrogenated fats… namely vegetable oils.  I LOVE ANIMAL FATS… specifically Saturated Fats including Coconut Oil which I eat almost EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Oddly, the ‘experts’ promote hydrogenated veggie oils as healthy….  they are not.  Here’s a post I did showing how a PANEL of Experts and a group of journalists… all got it wrong. 

2.  I love vegetables! … especially green leafy vegetables (avoid Genetically Modified if possible).  IF by plants they mean … beans, soy, corn, wheat grains, etc etc…. then again I ‘disagree’ with the experts.

** But what do I know??? I’m just a diabetic who ‘self treats’ … I have Normal Blood Sugar and I take -0- drugs and -0- insulin.  I am ONLY THRIVING!!! … not just surviving.

3.  “Low in Animal Products” ???– this is what scares me the most.  I LOVE animal products… the BULK of my calories comes from animal proteins and animal fats.

WITHOUT ANIMAL PRODUCTS… I’d still be taking drugs and insulin!!!!

So once again the “experts” have it wrong….

My greatest fear (and it is a real fear) is that today they declare war on SUGAR … tomorrow they declare war on ANIMAL FATS!

In reality, the “experts” have declared war on Animal fats since at least the 1970’s …. taxing or banning it’s use would be a MONUMENTAL BLUNDER that would cause such a downward spiral in health…. I hope I never see the day.

4.  Avoiding Processed Foods – yes! They ‘got it right’ on this one… as a rule we should AVOID all heavily processed foods… ESPECIALLY those packed full of sugars, soy and wheat grains.



Yes I agree that we should RID the grocery shelves of sugary junk foods …. but I prefer to do it the old fashioned way.   Through education and a fair playing field.    Big Pharma with Big Agra companies like Monsanto, PepsiCo and Coco Cola all fund studies supporting the maintaining of the status quo.

That my friends is NOT a level playing field….

Here’s a post I did showing Frito Lay (a PepsiCO subsidiary) funding a study showing that snacking between meals is not associated with weight gain … this ‘stuff’ goes on ALL THE TIME. :(

WE MUST remove the tainted money and monied influence peddling from the medical and nutritional process….

That’s why we have the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators promoting a high carb ” Carb UP and Shoot UP” diabetes treatment plan….   Big Pharma and Big Agra Biz  contribute (pay off) these groups …


The answer to our world’s healthcare problems is not another tainted study … it’s not LOW FAT … and it’s NOT hydrogenated veggie oils … it is to remove all inflammatory foods … some of the things we eat should not be considered ‘foods’…  if you eat arsenic, is arsenic food?


*** The above is my opinion based on facts … I am a simple man, eating simple foods. :)