Steve Update and Facebook Group

I am a formerly obese, formerly drug and insulin dependent diabetic… who maintains normal blood sugar levels… drug and insulin free! Facebook Group

With the help of people who agreed to assist as admins I opened up a Facebook group, “click here – if you want to join.”.   *** NOTE: The group promotes a low carb primal or low carb paleo approach to controlling diabetes.

Warning:  The Facebook Group is a no ‘coddling, cuddling and enabling’ zone.  I believe in being honest with people; I do not believe in enabling people to continue to eat a meal plan that causes them harm. If people seek that, there are many ADA Minion sites, groups and forums.

The worst thing someone can do is to enable someone to maintain elevated blood sugars that lead to cell and organ damage.

Those agreeing to help are Terran Murphy, Mary Titus, April Walker, Anne Luther, Siria Gardi-Montebugnoli and Karen Gale – thanks ladies. :)   The group has many who successfully self-treat their diabetes and I appreciate all those who contribute. :)

As I often do, I wanted to provide ‘proof’ that what I promote works.

It works for me and has worked for everyone who works it.  Note:  When I say ‘it works’ …  it will help you to control your blood sugar levels, reduce drugs (and insulin) and improve health markers.


Steve Update

Time flies when you are having fun! :) … my last update was in JUNE!!!

This was my weight this morning 157.6  … I weigh most mornings.

In my last update, gave instructions on how I lose and gain weight.  My weight was 156 lbs in June; I wanted to gain muscle while staying lean.


Blood Sugar Readings

My last (4) fasting blood sugar readings.   I love being in the 70’s!!!  And even the 60’s :)





20140909_132519 20140910_081546


For my Blood Sugar Targets, “Click here“.

Here’s how I suggest reducing and controlling blood sugars., “Click Here“.


Wrap Up


Below is a picture taken today.  Just more ‘proof’ .. I am maintaining my weight and  blood sugars all while eating, playing and living … a primal lifestyle. :)

Note: If you will look at my right shoulder (the left shoulder on the picture) you can see my dislocated shoulder.

20140913_134010 (1)


Lastly… I created this meme (below)  last night. :)   I am not always right.  I do make mistakes…

I am Not a machine!!! …  I am human!  :)

10473165_826423944069364_785090399800457843_n (1)

I am very careful when I say things regarding health, fitness and diabetes self-treatment.  And I am damn sure that everything that I tell you that I do is absolutely correct.

And … I know how not to control your blood sugar levels… I see people NOT doing it … every day.  Usually with the help of the medical industry coddling, cuddling and enabling.

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    1. The first link… elevated blood sugar levels cause heart disease. Cholesterol levels? What cholesterol levels? Sounds like a 1970’s era study …

      The 2nd link on inflammation… absolutely agree. Reducing inflammation is key … including things we touch, drink, eat and breathe. Many additional inflammatory ‘agents’ … lack of sleep, stress, illness, infections, etc

      “These findings may explain why good blood sugar control is not sufficient to avoid the development of diabetes-induced cardiovascular diseases,”

      I’d bet their idea of ‘blood sugar control’ and mine … are different and would explain that statement.

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