Fat Fast, Day 3

My Primal Gym This Day ... click to enlarge

I am experimenting again … eating only butter, cream and coconut oil.  Here is the introduction and Day 1 post, “Fat Fast Day 1.” In yesterday’s post, “Day 2” … I ranted against the ADA and their ridiculous anti-saturated fat stance in addition to providing details on my fat fast.

In this post I will talk briefly about my supplements as well as talking about my Day 3 of the fast.



I really do not talk enough about the supplements I take.  For this fat fast I really have not changed anything but I have been more diligent in making sure I take them. I have been completely drug and insulin free since March 2009.  No aspirin, no Tylenol… nothing.

You can see the drugs I took pre-diabetes diagnosis, “Click Here“.

You can read a post discussing my before and after health, “Click Here“.

At some point I need to do a full post on vitamins, what I take, what I don’t take… and why.

What I Take  (almost) Daily

Vitamin D3 – 4,000 IU in the summer and 8,000 IU in the winter, late fall and early spring.

I will double those doses for several days if a get a running nose or a scratchy throat.



What I Take Multiple Times a Week


Omega 3

Melatonin – I only take these when I am not sleepy at bedtime

Magnesium – Same for magnesium, I take it with Melatonin


Day 3 Details


I was missing my Ketone Sticks and finally found them… in the cupboard. Not sure WHY I placed them there. In part I put them there… because my cupboard is mostly empty. Since going paleo I have eliminated food in boxes … just  a few canned vegetables and my vitamins … that’s pretty much it. :)

I normally test in the ‘trace’ or ‘small’ amount of ketones and that’s on a 20-30g carb diet. So honestly, I was shocked when I read the test results.

I had heard that Coconut Oil consumption generates ketones so that may explain this very high reading.

I am definitely in a ‘state’ of ketosis, not to be confused with ketoacidosis.  For more information on ketosis check out my link, “Ketosis“.

Blood Sugar Readings

Overnight Fasting Reading = 70 mg/dl

Pre-lunch Reading = 77 mg/dl

Before Bedtime Reading = 74 mg/dl


Primal Exercise and Food Journal

Exercise is the same as previous days…  walking, light sprinting and light ab work.  You can see my primal gym in the upper right picture.

You can see the previous posts for the Food Journal … it has not changed… still 97% fat! :

Fat Fast Day 1” and “Day 2


My energy level was been somewhat reduced on Day 3 compared to Days 1 & 2 … this is reflected in lower blood sugar numbers.  The difference in the numbers was slight so it may be in my mind. :)

Again, this is ONLY a test, an experiment. I am NOT saying you MUST ‘fat fast’ … I am not even saying you SHOULD ‘fat fast’.

I am saying YOU CAN ‘fat fast’ if you need help in reducing blood sugars to normal levels.

A parting shot… the American Diabetes Association suggests you eat high carb foods that create blood sugar spikes and requires more and more drugs.

… I suggest you eat a low carb primal meal plan that reduces inflammation, reduces blood sugar spikes and reduces drugs and insulin.

… no wonder the ADA and Big Pharma hate me…


2 thoughts on “Fat Fast, Day 3”

  1. I felt a little embarassed today because my daughter pulled an “Oh, by the way” as it’s known in our family. As in “Oh, by the way, there’s a canned food drive at school and TODAY is the last day. I HAVE TO bring something in”. The ONLY packaged food we had in the cupboard (aside from coconut oil, which I was NOT going to donate) was a can of chopped tomatoes I bought before I realized they had HFC in them. We had dozens of mason jars full of nuts, coconut flakes (2 sizes!) home-made low carb granola, flaxmeal, etc, but not a packaged food in sight!

    BTW, the fat fast seems to be doing a good job lowering your blood sugar, but do you expect the benefit to last when you complete the fat fast and return to your regular (low carb) way of eating? I’m asking because I’m considering a fat fast–my weight loss is stalled (20 to 30 gm of net carbs/day) and my blood sugar is in that grey zone between normal and diabetic–running in the 90’s and low 100’s, FBS is between 100 and 115.

    I’m definitely IR, have been many years. So it sounds like I’ll need to watch my BS carefully if I decide to fat fast. I’d like to try it to see if I can get the weight to move off it’s current set point, but if it would normalize my blood sugars as well, that’s an even better reason to try it.

    1. re: food donations… GOOD FOR YOU!!! :) We had the same problem…. we bought a few cans of green beans. :)

      re: Fat Fast having a lasting affect on BG… no. I’m typically in the 80’s. I do fully expect to return their once protein goes MUCH higher. The carbs will likely increase slightly and the combined affect will be to bump my blood sugar up again.

      I once ate nuts… I’d suggest eliminating them first to see affect on BG and the granola and flaxmeal next if those do not reduce your blood sugar. My goals are to be 80’s or below with my overnight fasting blood sugar … and sub 100mg/dl all the time. I do not always achieve it … but that’s my goal. :)

      Thank you for the comment!!! :)

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