Fat Fast, Day 2 & ADA

I will go into the details of Day 2 … but first a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

Do you know what Diabetes is? It is hyperglycemia, which means… high blood sugar. check it out, “click here“.

Do you want to stop all of YOUR diabetes symptoms from worsening?  … if so then normalize blood sugars.

Normalizing blood sugars stops diabetes symptoms from worsening.

Normalizing blood sugars allows the body to begin to heal itself… if the damage is not too great.


Pre Lunch Blood Sugar Reading

Does the American Diabetes Ass. (ADA) EVER tell you this???   NO! 

Does the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators (AADE) EVER tell you this??? NO!

The ADA and AADE only tell you to eat grains, fruit, vegetables, breads, cookies, pasta … and to eat LOW FAT.

I watched a video from the ADA website, I swear the so called diabetes educator instructed diabetics that  ‘chicken breasts are okay for diabetics as long as you take the fatty skin off’.


Is it odd that much of the foods the ADA and AADE’s promote … grains, fruits, breads, pasta etc … ALL increase blood sugar?   Which also increases the drug sales for their largest contributors?   Those same foods also increase the sales of goods and services for other contributors and (so called) Diabetes Educators.

The ADA and AADE are more concerned about YOU, a diabetic, eating ANIMAL FAT than they are eating high carb foods that increase drug and insulin usage? Does that make ANY sense???

Wise UP… before it’s too late.

Here is the Day 1 and Intro Post to my latest experiment, FAT FAST.



I am doing a ‘fat fast’, eating nothing but coconut oil, butter and heavy cream.

It is not 100% fat, see the chart below.


By the way, normal fasting range for non-diabetics is 70-100 mg/dl … that’s the range I like to stay in 100% of the time. I do not always achieve that… but it is my goal.

Bedtime Blood Sugar Level - Day 2

My Fat Fast Experiment – Day 2


Went to bed previous night with a blood sugar reading of 71 mg/dl  at the end of day 1 of my “Fat Fast”.


Fasting Blood Sugars – Day 2

Morning Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar = 74 mg/dl

I was relieved when I saw this number, my blood sugar had stabilized and my body was self-regulating.

Pre-Lunch Blood Sugar Reading = 86 mg/dl 

Woo HOO!  When I saw this number … I was ELATED!  This was even more proof my body was ‘doing it’s job’. :)

Bedtime Blood Sugar Reading = 81 mg/dl

Again… I could NOT be happier!!! A great number to ‘got to bed on’. :)


Energy Levels and Exercise

My energy levels have remained very good.  When my blood sugar levels have dropped in the past well below 70 mg/dl … I began to feel tired and lethargic, that has definitely not happened this time… thus far.

While my energy levels are good, I have decided not to perform weight resistance exercises while I am on the “fat fast”.  I may change my mind later but for now I do not want to do weight resistance while my protein consumption is so low.


I continue to take Ollie (my dog) for walks 3-4 times per day.  On Day 2, I felt so good I actually ran 5-6 barefoot sprints as well as crunches and sit ups.  Nothing serious, just light exercise.


Food Journal


1) As you can see, I am averaging about 2,000 calories a day.  This is not a calorie restricted diet.

You should also know, I never go hungry.  If I feel hungry I eat… butter, cream or coconut oil

2) Carbohydrate average is less than yesterday.  That was done on purpose. I eliminated my 1/2 a cup of heavy cream at lunch and dinner… to reduce not only calories but also carb totals.

This also lowered the protein average as well. I want to maintain this average to see the affect on my blood sugar. At this point, on Day 3… all is well. :)



I am feeling very good… and feel as though I can continue this for a LONG TIME… as long as my blood sugars remain in normal ranges. :)

Please listen to me…

1) I am NOT saying you should eat an all fat diet.

I am suggesting that you CAN eat an all fat diet to help you reduce your blood sugars…

2) Normal Blood Sugars are THE key to successful diabetes management.

3) The American Diabetes Ass. and the American Ass. of Diabetes Educators are ‘anti-fat’…  they are pro-grains, pro-sugar and pro-drugs.

They have to be when their largest contributors include Big Pharma, Monsanto and Pepsico.

It is not ‘rocket science’ … follow the money.


I eat a low carb paleo meal plan … including primarily meats and vegetables.

I am THRIVING and not just surviving.


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