Fat Fast – Day 1 & Intro

This was my blood sugar reading before bedtime on Day 1.

I recently completed a 24 hour high carb experiment. I proved that I was still a diabetic among other things, if you missed the post here’s a link, “Date with the Devil – Follow Up“.

This post is regarding a new experiment… in a totally different direction, this will be an almost 100% fat test.


Set Up

In April of this year I conducted a ‘high fat’ experiment consisting primarily of Coconut Oil, you can read about that experiment by “clicking here“.

To be honest I was VERY disappointed with my first experiment’s results.  Healthy people can fast (no food, just water) for days, even weeks without any repercussions so I thought that I should be able to fast for a week… especially if I consumed Coconut Oil.

My main purpose in the previous experiment and today is the same… to test the affect of a “fat only fast” on my blood sugar, energy levels etc.

In ‘normal’ healthy individuals the body will self-regulate blood sugar levels. When blood sugars are high, the body produces insulin to help remove blood sugar from the blood stream. When blood sugars are low, the body produces what is needed through gluconeogenesis.  Additionally, the body produces ketones for energy.  We do NOT need to consume carbohydrates to survive… nor THRIVE. I post about it here, “Why Low Carb Works“.

The reason I was very disappointed in my first attempt?  I had to stop my fast after four days due to low blood sugars. My body did not properly ‘self-regulate’.

That is why I am so eager to try an ‘all fat’ experiment again… to see if my body will regulate my blood sugar on it’s on.

Pre-lunch Blood Sugar - Day 1

Fat Fast or … my  (almost) all fat diet. 

My goal is to only eat Coconut Oil, Heavy Cream or Butter … that’s it, for one week.

I will ONLY discontinue my “fat fast” experiment if my blood sugars drop too low. The rules are, if I am alone with a sub 60 mg/dl or if I go below 50 mg/dl at any point, I will end it.

There are exceptions for example, if I am 51 mg/dl before bedtime … I am not going to bed without eating some meat! :)



1) I ended my previous fat fast when my blood sugar reading reached 53 mg/dl.

2) IF my blood sugar does go below the parameters stated above … I may try eating a small amount of protein, say 4 oz to see if that will provide my body with what it needs to create more glucose. It all depends on how I feel when my body reaches those lower levels.  If I eat meat, the ‘fat fast’ is obviously over but I will hopefully be able to continue testing the amount of protein needed to keep my body producing glucose.

… however, I am HOPEFUL that my body will self-regulate my blood sugar.  #FingersCrossed :)

3) This is high fat, very low protein and very low carb … but it is NOT a low calorie experiment. (see below)

Day 1

Just so you know, eating fat will keep you sated and this is NOT a low calories experiment, so hunger is not an issue.  Too, I have fasted for 24 hours several times so I do not expect any major problems with day 1.

Overnight Fasting Blood Sugar - Day 1

Blood Sugar Testing

Overnight Fasting = 89

Nothing surprising to say about the 89 mg/dl. I am typically in the 80’s.

Pre-Lunch = 96

This was a shock. I had eaten nothing but butter, cream and coconut oil.  Still, given the variances of the meters this was ‘no big deal’.   I could have re-tested but I was not concerned.

Before Bedtime = 71

This was a pleasant surprise given the earlier reading of 96 mg/dl.

It was also a cause for concern.

A) My blood sugar had dropped 25 points in approximately 11 hours. What if it continued dropping through the night?   What would my blood sugar be in the morning?

B) In April when I performed a similar experiment, I went to bed with an 81 mg/dl on the first night and I had to quit the experiment due to low blood sugars.  This 71 mg/dl on the first night did not bode well for a week long experiment.


Nutrient Ratios

I thought I would give you a peak into the nutrient ratios.

As you can see this is not a 100% fat ‘test’.

I’ve eaten less carbs many times before. And as you can see, this is not low calorie or a calorie restricted ‘test’.

Note:  I will adjust my cream, coconut oil and butter consumption based on my blood sugar levels.  If my levels drop, I may eat more cream due to the slightly higher carb amounts.



Energy levels remained high throughout day 1 … the blood sugars are evidence of that. I did seem a little more tired before bedtime and the blood sugars show that as well.

I did not perform any exercise other than walking. I do not plan on doing any weight resistance training due to the low protein consumption.

I do know this… if you have high blood sugar… eat more fat!!!

Take Home Message

I am eating a Fat Fast as an experiment… a test. I am not suggesting anyone MUST eat like this to be ‘primal’. I am NOT suggesting that anyone SHOULD eat like this to reduce blood sugars.

What I am suggesting is … you certainly can. :)

And I am telling you … a high fat, low carb meal plan is THE best meal plan for diabetics. Live long and prosper! … or eat cookies, cakes, pasta … and help to prosper drug companies, monsanto and the medical industry.

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  1. God, I wish I could remember the details, but I read something on Dr. Eades’s blog recently about ketosis and… more efficient gluconeogenesis I think? Something like that? I remember thinking at the time, “Well, that might explain why some people get higher fasting blood sugar on a VLC diet.” You probably noticed last time around that it didn’t take much carb or protein to get your sugar back up, right?

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