Low Carb Paleo Steak Salad

Low carb paleo is much more than ‘just’ low carb.  This low carb paleo salad dressing is a perfect example of this.

  • Real fats, real ingredients and homemade.
  • Quick, easy and simple!


Yes, this Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing will require a little more effort than opening a bottle and pouring … a little more. Here’s the finished product, on a meat salad.  This low carb paleo salad dressing is diabetes friendly… too.

Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing
Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing



Homemade low carb paleo salad dressing made this salad, so tasty!!  YOU MUST TRY IT!  The salad dressing is diabetes friendly of course.



Salad and Dressing Ingredients

Salad green mix of your choice
Cheese –
I love sharp chedder
Onion (optional)
Jalapenos (optional)
Seasoning – I used pepper and Slap Ya Mama!
Salad Dressing – BACON GREASE! and drippings from the chicken and steak. Any animal fat will do. Also olive oil, melted butter or coconut oil works too!
VinegarApple Cider Vinegar.


Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing

1 – Cook fatty meats in skillet.

2 – Add a little water and vinegar (2 tablespoons or more) to the skillet and lightly scrape the bottom of the skillet, loosening all of the meat bits.

3 – Add spices, if any including Slap Ya Mama, Salt, Pepper, etc.

4 – Pour into a separate jar or just leave in the skillet on low heat to pour over your salad.

See how simple!?

It’s all ‘low carb’ too, so it is diabetes friendly!


Salad Meal Steps

1) Cook Bacon (or other fatty meat)   You can also use a generous amount of rendered animal fat, like bacon fat.


2) Place MEAT in skillet !! Do not forget this step! 


Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing


3) Cook Meat!  



4) Grab handfuls of Salad (and any other vegetables), I also added cheese, onion and jalapenos. Yes, just use your hands.  Literally grab a handful of salad.

Get primal with this meal!


5)  Cut up chicken and Steak and add to salad.


6) The Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing!

The FINAL step is very important … the dressing!

Just pour the low carb paleo salad dressing from the skillet, over the salad!

So Good!!!    Since I discovered this… I do not use any other salad dressing.  The exception would be if I did not have any grease, then I would use the Olive Oil.

Take a look at how good this looks!!


Click to Enlarge… you will be glad you did.


Low Carb Paleo Salad Dressing

Folks I say this over and over. I eat primarily fatty meats and leafy green vegetables.  It’s rare but occasionally I eat nuts and fruits… but that is rare.

I love what I eat! I am in great condition and I am drug and insulin free!!!   I will never go back to eating grains, cereals, cookies, cakes, breads, rice nor pasta… NEVER!!!

You should be creative!  You should be looking for ways to make your own, more nutritious and healthy foods.

I was thinking the other day, why use Olive Oil for making salad dressings?

Salad dressing is ‘oil and vinegar’.  Why not use the animal fats leftover from cooking?  I never waste the animal fats, that’s not the point.   Why not use the meat bits and fats from leftover frying, to flavor the salad dressing?

So I did and I will NEVER make salad dressing with Olive Oil again… never!

Open your mind to new ways to make foods… and open your mind to new foods.


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