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Low carb paleo benefits many diseases, not just diabetes. I've seen it improve the lives of so many. The key is eating and living more in tune with how we were designed to eat and live.

Not Just Diabetes

I want to thank Chancey Bruce for taking the time to write up his story. His story is typical of most diabetics and provides clues as to why the ADA Food Pyramid is destined to fail for not only most diabetics…but for most people. I communicate with many diabetics and […]

Chancey Bruce’s Journey

This post is about Karen Bragg Gales’ weight loss and Diabetes Type 2  Success Story. :)  Above is a picture of Karen … oh…and now that she is successfully treating her Diabetes T2 with diet and exercise… I call her “oK BG”….  :) Here is Karen’s STORY!!!!  READ IT AND […]

Karen Bragg Gales’ Story