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Not Just Diabetes

Low carb paleo benefits many diseases, not just diabetes. Why? Low carb paleo is truly low inflammatory.

  • Just eat real, low carb foods.
  • Avoid all highly processed foods.


This blog’s tagline: Diabetes Management from a Paleo Perspective. However, Low carb paleo benefits many diseases, not just diabetes, including Crohn’s.

low carb paleo not just for diabetes


Crohn’s is a disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the rectum. The ailment is highly dependent on the foods you eat.. a low carb paleo, low inflammatory diet is best.


A Crohn’s Success Story:

A friend heard of my success treating diabetes with my low carb paleo diet and asked me one day, ” I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, do you think it would help?”

As soon as he asked the question, immediately I’m thinking… “HELL YES!” low carb paleo will help you! It seemed like a “slam dunk”, the answer seemed so obvious. However  I did not know for sure, so I told him, “I would do some checking and find out.”

Within ten minutes of checking my favorite paleo blogger websites (most of whom are PhDs or MDs) I had the answer. YES, of COURSE Crohn’s is affected by an ANTI-inflammatory diet

Crohn’s is a disease of INFLAMMATION!


Crohn’s Patient Background

First, you should know that I have known this guy for YEARS and never knew he had Crohn’s Disease. He had kept this secret because the symptoms and complications can be embarrassing and debilitating.

For most of his adult life he’d been taking powerful drugs that adversely affected his health and mental abilities.  Why was he taking those drugs?

Because his doctor told him that diet has nothing to do with his disease.



….sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just as Diabetics are told they can eat sugar, cakes, pasta, bread etc. Crohns Disease suffers are also being sold a similar LIE !

My friend and all Crohn’s sufferers are suffering needlessly! All while taking expensive drugs and paying the Medical Industry doctors … for harmful advice.


Crohn’s Disease is Different

Crohn’s Disease is different from Diabetes, with diabetes if you follow a low carb plaeo diet, almost immediately Blood Glucose drops, as do drug and Insulin requirements.

It is not like that for Crohn’s sufferers, it takes much longer to notice a change.  It took months, but with several months of following a low carb paleo meal plan,  my friend  stopped taking his medications and has been symptom free and drug free ever SINCE!!!


See Hear Speak


Like the monkeys in the picture his doctor didn’t speak, see or hear the truth.  So I ask you… could his doctor have been that ignorant?

Was he being intellectually lazy? Was he being willfully ignorant? Or was he just ‘doing what he was told’ by the drug companies?

I believe it’s “ALL THE ABOVE”, including greed.

The same for the American Diabetes Association and their Minion.

They ALL know that if they continue believing the lies of  Big Pharma, their revenue stream will continue.  So they choose to wear blinders and only “see, hear and speak” the evil that is spewed by Big Pharma and Big Food.


Doctors Must Take Responsibility

My friend’s doctor was a highly trained, highly paid specialist.

Yet, he knew nothing about the power of a low carb paleo diet.

Just another example showing what everyone should know by now, having initials before or after your name means little when it comes to disease care.

I know personally that most medical industry professionals are ignorant about true diabetes care and true disease care. They simply parrot what they are told by Big Pharma sales representatives.


Low Carb Paleo

Low carb paleo benefits many diseases, not just diabetes.  I’ve seen it improve the lives of so many.  The key is eating and living more in tune with how we were designed to eat and live.

Just eat real low carb foods, no cookies, pasta, cakes, cereals… just meats, veggies, nuts and berries.  Obtain proper amounts of sleep, sunshine and exercise while reducing stress. Yes, there is more to it but that’s the basics.



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  1. That is awesome! Congrats to your friend who decided to try a low inflammatory diet. It is criminal that doctors do not think diet makes a difference in health. Hope you friend continues with his good health.

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