Want to Know Why?


I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  After reading the email below … I felt DAMN GOOD! :)

If you want to know why I do what I do … read this story.

Want to know why I hate the American Diabetes Association and their minions…? read this story.

Want to read about a man who is THRIVING and not ‘just’ surviving…? read this story.

In short… READ THIS STORY!!!

Note:  Author chooses to remain anonymous.


Hi there Steve,  I thought I’d say hello.  I’ve been catching up with your website and I can’t believe the B.S that you’ve been getting from the state of North Carolina, it sickens me.

I wanna tell you that I’m down from 243lbs to 177lbs. I used to wear a size 46 to 48 size pants, now I can slip into a size 34 36. I’ve taken up Jiu Jitsu, which is a very challenging sport.  I train with professional athletes and have no problems keeping up with 20 and 30 year olds. I’m thinking of competing in the coming months. A lot different than when I would lay on my couch, eating large pizzas, followed by 4 to 5 slices of cheesecake and wasting away minute by minute.

I’m still following a paleo diet, I also allow myself a 4 hour window to eat. The rest of the day I fast and I have incredible strength and stamina. I still take my metformin, I might be on that for the rest of my life. I beat my pancreas up pretty bad, in my pigging out days. So there’s no one to blame for that but me.

My neuropathy is gone. Now when I’m on a cold tile floor, I can feel everyone of my toes touching the cold surface, if the water is a bit too hot, my toes let me know. There was a time I used to crawl on my hands and knees to the bathroom and then I had to urinate sitting down because my feet would ache and burn so much.  I don’t know about the barefoot running, but I’m not going to knock it, until I try it.

For a while nothing was functioning, especially from my waist down (I don’t know you from Adam, but I’m confortable telling you).  Now,  I’m like a frat boy in a strip joint, I function like a man in my 20s. My wife told me that she thought she lost the man she married.  She loves the new and improved me. 

Just wanted to tell you that reading your site, and the links on it,  have lead me to who I am today. I don’t hate myself anymore, when you sit around eating eating blood sugar at 425, there’s nothing to like about yourself. Now I’m very proud to be me. All it took was changing my way of eating, exercise, and my mindset followed.

I’m not bragging of my new accomplishments and prowess. I just wanted to let you know that your website, and the stuff you write about have helped me get to this point where I’m now in my life.  It took me reading your words over and over, and one day. I got it, and made the change. Thats why, I go on your site, and just say thank you. Now you know why, I say thank you….

Once again, Thank you Steve…



The email is so powerful and so moving.  This man has literally done a 180 degree turn in health and fitness.

The first time I read this … made me feel so damn good.  I’d be lying if I said it was not gratifying to know that my blog helps change lives.  Make no mistake, this gentleman deserves ALL the credit for his accomplishments… I’m just so happy to know that my words may have lit a spark inside him.

The second time I read this … I teared up thinking of how he was, how I was… and how millions of people suffer every hour of the day… needlessly.  Why?  Due to the ignorance or greed of the Medical Industry.

As a friend of mine Zack Passman said last week when the story of the actor Daniel Von Bargen broke ,

“All he had to do was change his diet. Happiness was a steak and side of broccoli away.”

It really is that simple … and no … it’s not easy.

To the author of this story … thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!   It’s stories such as this that tell me that I am on the right path … and I will not waver. :)

5 thoughts on “Want to Know Why?”

  1. Great story,
    I am so happy for you guys with type 2 diabetes, going paleo and getting off your meds. I have a very long story and should find where to write it on diabetes-warrior.net . I have had type 1 diabetes for nearly 41 years and have tried so many diets and supplements I can no longer count them all. I stumbled on Dr. Bernstein’s diet in 1996 and it literally saved my life, but I still wanted to heal and get off insulin injections so I tried the raw vegan diet for 7 years, with a lot of green juice fasting trying to get my injected, artificial insulin requirements down to zero. Took me 7 years to realize the raw vegan diet was making me weak, and sickly, and not healing me. Then in January of 2010 I started a paleo diet. I now eat about 20 grams of carbs a day, exercise nearly every day and eat butter for supper! I never thought I’d meet someone else who eats butter for a meal. My butter supper is 1.8 ounces of grass fed raw butter with colostrum, Dandy Blend and Mucuna, all very low in carbs and 7 Brazil nuts. I still take injected artificial insulin (16 units a day) and still hope for a day that my body learns to make its own. Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing to help save the world! If you have any suggestions for me or other type 1’s please post them, thank you!

  2. I have been a type 1 for 18 years (this summer). I was diagnosed at the age of 12 and have heard of bernstein from my teenage years. While I have tried that eating plan, it is just so hard to stick to. My motivation and willpower just fail at every attempt, even though of course, there is a MAJOR improvement in blood sugars and lowered insulin (I use a pump now). Now, after 2 pregnancies, I am approximately 50 pounds overweight. I am wondering if anyone has a similar situation and how do you ever manage this vlc way of eating? I just don’t know why I can’t stick to it, it seems impossible. I am starting to feel a bit of tingling in my fingers at night. Besides that I have no “major” complications, although I’m sure I have some from not being in great control.

    Any insight would be appreciated….thanks! and Great website btw :)

  3. Congratulations, Steve, on your own journey to wellness, and on helping others on theirs. Can there be a higher calling? I think not. It is sad, indeed, that so many of the “experts” are content to prevent so many from embarking on their own journeys.

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