Steve Update 2-21-2012

As part of the update I wanted to let you know, I have  three very important dates in my ‘primal life‘.

2/15/2009  – Diabetes Diagnosis, in the hospital after an ambulance ride

2/18/2009 – Day of Hospital Discharge

8/1/2009 – The day I went ‘fully primal’ after reading Mark Sisson’s website, specifically this post, “Definitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar and Diabetes“.  This one post taught me more than any diabetes educator or nutritionist.

Two of those dates recently passed… and I wanted to give you a personal update.


Previous Diabetes Anniversary Posts

These posts discuss my Diabetes Anniversaries Year One, Year Two and Year 3.

This post will not be a retelling of the diagnosis or discharge… I’ve told that story before.   I will only say, on the day of discharge I was so depressed that I literally cried like a baby and debated giving up …and giving in.   I did not. :)   You can read my story here.

I love to post examples of my ‘thriving’ … not to brag but to show you what YOU can do.   I often say, I was a slothful, sedentary, carbage disposal … if I can do this, YOU CAN TOO!

As you read the rest of this post… just remember I once was an obese, insulin dependent, drug dependent type 2 diabetic.


My Feet ... the morning after my 5.6 mile barefoot run on pavement.


Steve Update


Barefoot Running

Last Night … I ran an all time high of 5.6 miles. Completely and utterly barefoot! Woo HOO!
Click Here for posts relating to Barefoot Running. In brief, I do not recommend this unless you have normal blood sugars, I also recommend that you progress into this gradually.

Did you take a look at my feet? After the run, I did not wash, apply any creams nor lotions.  I have not touched my feet except to look at them.  Do they look like 50 year old, diabetic feet?

Do they look like the feet of a diabetic who’s being treated by a diabetes educator?  NO! … if so, you would see foot cream residue, diabetic socks and diabetic shoes.  Too many diabetics have open sores and toes amputated… why?  Because they can not control their blood sugars eating the ‘ADA Way”.

Here’s a video of me running ‘Barefoot Hill Sprints” with my ‘wing man” Ollie.    I do have to ‘weave’ from side to side as Ollie likes to run right in front of me … and jump on me when I’m not expecting it. :))


Blood Sugar Test

Three years to the day after discharging from the hospital … here is more video proof of my normal blood sugar, normal for non-diabetics.

Here are a few other test video links.  This was the day after the Super Bowl. Lastly, this one from 1/23/2012.



Here is a video of me making a Bacon & Cheese Omelette …. mmmm good! :)



Three years after my diabetes diagnosis … I am STILL THRIVING.

Diabetes Educators and supporters of the ‘carb up, shoot up’ diabetes treatment plan … will try to tell you that ‘low carb primal’ does not work.    And even if they admit that it works… they will tell YOU that you can’t stick to it.

Some will try to convince you that it is not healthy … they are so wrong.   Do not heed their pathetic advice… I do not.

I (and many others) are LIVING proof that it works … and that you can stick to it.   I know… because I was once an obese, sedentary, carbage disposal.  If I can do it… so can you.