A Holiday Message for All

10882311_1509737102634970_7032503183200815924_nA beautiful Christmas message for all, written by Kimmy Flaschner.

When I read it, it touched my heart and wanted to share it.  Then I learned that she has her own paleo story to tell … so I did. :)

She posted this…


Time to be thankful … 2014

I am thankful for our tiny little apartment. Even though it really is too small.  I have also experienced how it is to not have an apartment at all. And….it’s right next to our favorite park.


I am thankful for all the good friends I made in this last year and all the experiences, good and bad that have made me stronger and more careful.


I am thankful for my little family – “J” and me have grown together in so many ways and I could truly not wish for a more lovely child.

I am thankful for the food we are able to buy each week. Even though money is tight we are able to have real proper nutritious food.


I am thankful for finding the person who loves me as I am and has looked behind all the circumstances and wants to make it work…


I am thankful for walks through the woods, the park, the beach, for memories made with things that money cannot buy.


I am thankful for the progress J has made. Thankful for his brilliant physio lady who has accepted Jamie exactly the way he is and so has managed to spark a love of moving in him…. ~Kimmy Flaschner

THANK YOU again for sharing such a beautiful message!

Note: “J” is the first initial of her son’s name.

Kimmy and I are Facebook friends but rarely communicate.  I asked her if I could share and once I had permission she sent me a link to an article she was featured in on “The Paleo Mom: Real People Real Paleo Series”.  I had no idea she had her own ‘paleo story’!!!



Kimmy and J’s Story

Visit the link above to read her entire story but in brief… Kimmy’s pregnancy was not an easy one.

“Jamie’s birth was a very complicated one; he was back to back, I had contractions for 36 hours and then a cord prolapse, which led to an emergency Cesarean.

We are thankful he is alive.  It was a life and death operation as his heartbeat had stopped.

I breastfed him for the first 3 weeks; but sadly, he had terrible reflux and also reacted to milk proteins in my breast milk.  I desperately wanted to continue breastfeeding, but the birth experience and Jamie’s severe vomiting left me exhausted.”

Kimmy had her own problems post pregnancy.

“I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease in March 2010 – after a lot of different tests.  Going gluten free made a really big difference.  I lost 1st [14 pounds] of weight and the panic attacks went away. My digestion, though, was still nowhere near normal.”


“The day I discovered Paleo, it just clicked inside me.  Even though I was not consuming gluten, I still ate a lot of grains like millet, corn and rice.  I always ate wholegrain versions as well.  I read as much as I could and stumbled across the whole30 program.  On November 4th 2011, I started the whole30 and after just a couple of days I felt awesome.  I suddenly had energy and I lost weight rapidly!  My skin started to glow!”

Today her and her son eat a whole foods, paleo style meal plan.  Most of her foods similar to mine… simple.  She does eat highER carb foods that I avoid.

“This is not a diet to me anymore. This way of eating has brought back the joy to my life.  I can eat as much as I want of steak and vegetables and fat – how awesome is that!  People around me cannot believe that I am eating tons of beef tallow, lard and coconut oil and still lose weight “

She has a great story and just love the quote above,  MY FAVORITE! :)

She wanted to share some of her recipes … how could I refuse? :)

Note: The plantains and brownies are not something I would normally eat. But I would enjoy tasting these.


Kimmy’s Real Foods

Here are some of the favorite ‘read foods’ … from a German lady living a paleo lifestyle.

 Note:  If you have elevated blood sugars or have not broken the carb addiction, avoid the plantains and brownies…  for me, I’d definitely try a bite or two and test against my blood sugars.



This looks awesome!

Plantains fried in beef fat!

Burgers with fresh herbs.

Avocado,onions,garlic,olive oil, salt pepper, lemon juice.











… with dressing made out of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lemon Juice, salt, pepper, and Tabasco.

Love the hot sauce!







2 large cooked sweet potatoes
2 packets of gelatin (20 grams or 1/4 cup)

Soaked in cold water

1/6 cup cocoa powder
1/6 cup plus one tbsp coconut flour 1
small green banana
3 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp honey (optional)

Blend sweet potatoes (still hot) with banana and gelatin in a food processor.  Next add all other ingredients in and mix well.

Bake in a square silicone form at 170 Celsius (335 Fahrenheit) for 30 min. Refrigerate overnight


There you have it.

Words of inspiration.

The sharing of another paleo success story.

And even paleo recipes!!

… what more could you ask for???

Thank you again Kimmy for taking the time to share your words, your story and your foods. :)


I hope you all have the happiest of holiday seasons… much peace, love and normal blood sugar to you all. :)



All the pictures are from Kimmy.  :)