Christmas Weekend In Wilmington

This post is largely a pictorial of this past Christmas weekend spent at Wrightsville Beach, NC … just outside of Wilmington.  Pictures of sunrises, blood sugars and beach… and thanks to my father for the trip! :)

2014-12-28 07.10.03


I will give two short story summaries.  Conversations I had with a few people that I tried to help.

I have written several posts of my experiences there… many fond memories and many diabetes lessons as well. :) If you are looking for a vacation spot … DO NOT GO TO WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH!! …   lol, I like it just the way it is.

My Primal Father’s Day“,  “Pictures from Wrightsville Beach“, “Thriving in Wilmington“, “Primal Vacation Wrap Up”  and “Pelican Videos and More” … and lastly this, “My Primal and Dangerous Adventure“.

I am going to lead off with a barefoot picture … because that is how I roll and role model. :)  The picture was just before sunrise Sunday 12/28.

Note: I do NOT suggest you go barefoot until you obtain and maintain truly normal blood sugars.

Speaking of normal blood sugars… :) This was my overnight fasting blood sugar Sunday morning.


2014-12-28 07.00.30


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Now for the scenic beauty that is Wrightsville Beach!!!   I walked and played all along the way.


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2014-12-28 07.23.41
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Two Conversations


By any measure I am … THRIVING!   I am drug and insulin free. I am normal weight.  I have normal blood sugar. I am rarely sick and even when I do get sick I do not take a drug.

I try to squeeze every last drop out of life… and I share my zest for living with others.  I’ll share two such conversations.


Obese Front Desk Attendant

Me: I won’t bore you with my life story… but I was obese, drug, and insulin dependent. I lost 78 lbs and have been drug and insulin free since 2009.

Attendant: How did you do it?

Me: Through diet and exercise, I only eat meats, veggies, nuts and berries.

(he cut me off and blurted out)

Attendant: that’s what I believe.. all things in moderation

Me:  No, that’s not what I said, I said I ONLY eat those things. NO breads, cakes, cookies, pasta or cereal … none.

Attendant: I can’t do that.


Diabetic Couple

I had been playing on the beach all morning and early afternoon. I stopped at Costco to buy coconut oil.  I saw their rotisserie chicken and decided to have a late lunch. :)  I took my chicken to the sandwich shop dining area and began to chow … DOWN!

I was in shorts, T-shirt and sandals… wind swept hair (what’s left) in December!!  :)

A couple sat down beside me a couple seats away and I noticed they had chicken salads.

They were overweight but not obese.  I overheard them talking… just a first impression, the husband was a … smart arse.


The husband said loudly to his wife:  Look he’s eating chicken. (That’s all I was eating)

Me: Yeah, I am following a ‘low carb paleo’ style meal plan and lifestyle.

Husband: Just make sure you are getting what you need.

Me: I looked at his wife and said… “I’ve been eating this way for almost six years, I was once obese and I was a drug and insulin dependent diabetic. I’ve been drug and insulin free since March of 2009 and I am in the best health of my adult life. I think I am getting more than what I need.”

Husband: Some friends of ours tried it and couldn’t stick to it.

Me: I decided that I liked living  … more than I wanted to eat cake.

Husband: Well we’ve lost 40 lbs together and have reduced medications.

Me: Excellent start, I lost 78 lbs and weaned off all drugs and insulin.

Me:  Good luck to you, I gotta go.




The lessons from the conversations.

1 – Do not ‘hear what you want to hear’.  Listen to what I say (or write).

YOU can do this. I did it… so I know you can too.

2 – Question everything and do not think you know everything.  While obese but pre-diabetes diagnosis, I ‘knew’ that low carb was not healthy… I was wrong. Who knows, perhaps I could have saved myself from a diabetes diagnosis if I had tried low carb years earlier.


Peace, love and Normal BG! :)