Folly Beach – Day Three

When I arrived, the sun was not visible due to cloud cover. Then suddenly, the clouds gloriously parted and the sun was visible over the horizon. I watched intently as the sun began to climb the sky over the Atlantic.

A glowing, golden orange ball in the sky. It’s reflection colored the water and the waves that broke in its light …a TRULY surreal scene.

Folly Beach – Day Two

From sun rise to past sunset, we keep on the move when we are at the beach! As I noted earlier, I had no energy shortage and was able to keep up with my sons throughout the day. 

Folly Beach 2015 – Day One

A successful day in every way. I ate clean, I played and spent quality time with my sons.

Day 2 and Day 3 are the days the Folly Beach area really shines, so make sure to check out these future posts!

Christmas Weekend In Wilmington

This post is largely a pictorial of this past Christmas weekend spent at Wrightsville Beach, NC … just outside of Wilmington. Pictures of sunrises, blood sugars and beach… and thanks to my father for the trip! :)

I will give two short story summaries. Conversations I had with a few people that I tried to help.