Folly Beach 2015 – Day One

Picture from the park where I camped.
Picture from the park where I camped.

Traveling … the Diabetes Warrior way! :)

This post and the next two will cover a recent three-day trip to Folly Beach, James Island, SC.

I’ll also discuss my strategies for traveling and remaining ‘low carb’ … and primal. :)

My youngest son moved to the James Island, SC and we decided to visit him for a long weekend.

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Day 2 , Day 3

Day 1

I intermittent fast practically every day (I skip a meal or two), therefore I was not concerned about eating or packing any food prior to leaving at 8 AM.  It is only a four-hour drive to the Charleston, SC area.

If you  …

  • are not accustomed to intermittent fasting
  • or your trip is going to take longer than you typically fast
  • or you just want to bring along a few safe foods for the trip

Some of my favorite ‘travel foods’ are. 

  • Bacon and cheese of course.  I spent a day hiking in the mountains of North Carolina one day and my only fuel for the day was bacon and cheese.  (See this post, “Diabetes Trip to the Mountains“)  They are VERY travel friendly and do not even need to be kept cold,  if eaten same day.
  • Boiled eggs, like bacon and cheese these do not need to be kept cold if eaten same day. I leave in the shell until I’m ready to eat them.
  • Pork Skins – I only recommend two-ingredient pork rinds or  pork skins. Those two ingredients are salt and pork skins, “Are Pork Skins Paleo?”.

Note: I decided not to pack anything to eat nor to eat before my trip.


We arrived at the beach with overcast skies.  I primitive camped at the James Island County Park.  A beautiful and well-kept primitive and RV campground with water parks, dog parks, wall-climbing, and many other activities.
After setting up my tent in a torrential downpour (and that’s not an exaggeration) … we went to the beach!

It rained periodically but hey!! When you like to play barefoot and shirtless,  a summer rain is actually fun! Especially at the beach, who cares if it rains occasionally?  I go there to swim and play… not worry about a little rain. :)

Later the skies began to clear.

Running and playing in the ocean!


After playing in the ocean and on the beach for several hours we decided to go find food.

I was still fasted and had not eaten since the day before.

After making food purchases, charcoal for grilling we headed over to where my youngest son is living.

This was the view from his backyard.

As was this… beautiful old trees, with moss laden limbs.

Thousands of crabs were scurrying as we walked up.  He will have no problem catching crabs.

I threw these pork chops on the grill as my oldest son prepared the main course.  We nibbled on the ‘chops’ …  primal appetizers.  ;)

We lost daylight by the time I decided to take the next picture.

We had ground meat, pork chops, onions and corn.  Yes, I grilled corn… but I did not eat any.

Everything turned out perfectly, even the Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. :)

Closing Day One

A successful day in every way.  I ate clean, I played and spent quality time with my sons.

It was a win, win, win kind of day.

YOU too can have these days.

I am the boss of me!  I decide what I eat and I only eat those foods that are truly healthy for me.

Here is my meal plan … join me, won’t you? :)

Day 2 and Day 3 are the days the Folly Beach area really shines, so make sure to check out these future posts!