Folly Beach – Day Two

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Some of my beach art.

The Beach.  A place where going barefoot and shirtless is not unusual.

In case you are new to the blog, I’m a firm believer in going barefoot and shirtless, weather permitting.  One of the many reasons I love the beach, going shirtless and barefoot is acceptable.

The picture top right… says it all. :)

Folly Beach Weekend Day 2  (here is day 1’s post), on Day 2 Folly Beach begins to shine, but the best pictures are coming in Day 3. It’s the truth, I’m not just saying that to get you to read it!!  ;)

Day 1, Day 3

Day 1 – Quick Recap

I am the boss of me and you are the boss of you.  YOU decide what you eat and when you eat it.  On Day 1,  I fasted all day from the previous night until we grilled dinner.

There is no excuse for cheating; do not play that game with me.  I know. I have ‘been there’ and back. :)

In the last post, I talked about my favorite traveling foods (bacon, cheese and eggs).  There is no excuse for eating  glutenous, sugary, blood sugar spiking… ‘junk’.  There are other options… salads, bun-less burgers, etc.

I could go on and on … but you get the idea.  #NoExcuses

Note: Click any picture to enlarge.

Day 2

Yesterday’s skies were overcast much of the day.  Not true today.

After taking care of morning tasks including walking Arya (my son’s dog) I took this picture of the primitive camping area.

In the picture you should be able to see the campfire and grilling ring, picnic tables, tents and … THE SUN!

As I often do I decided to fast all day and only eat dinner. Keep that in mind as you see our activities for the day. I had no ‘energy shortage’…. none.


What a glorious sight below … the sun over the ocean.

The heat from the sun feels so much better at the beach when my feet are digging into the sand as the waves are washing over them.

Observation:  I see many people using headphones while jogging, walking or riding their bicycles on the beach.  I do not understand this at all.  The ocean with the waves and seagulls are playing a concert for all to hear.

The same people wearing headphones are also wearing shoes … on the beach!   I am not judging, I wore shoes on the beach too before my diabetes diagnosis.

Another look.

After beach time we toured downtown Charleston, walking around and visiting tourist and historical sites, including the market place on Market Street.  We passed a cookie store and everyone including Arya had free samples except for me.

Here are pictures of my sons Alex, Brad, and Arya on the waterfront. :)

Arya tried to keep up on this hot, humid, sunny day but she eventually ‘gave up’ and laid down.

Alex and I took turns carrying her… bless her heart. :)

Later we stopped here for refreshments and dinner.  My sons Brad and Alex bellied up to the bar at a very cool restaurant in downtown Folly Beach, the Crab Shack.  The bar was off to the side and we were able to tie Arya up while we ate and drank.  She’s at my feet when I took this picture… how cool is that!? :)

Note: I only drank ice water.

We strolled around Folly Beach’s business section and Brad pointed us to one of the coolest places…

Chico Feos, an outdoor bar/restaurant with live entertainment on the weekends.   I did not order it but they had goat on the menu … next time.  ;)

It was a laid back, ‘chill’ peace of heaven with many local customers.  I was wearing a Jimi Hendrix T-shirt and a gentleman complimented me on it. I told him it was my son’s but  he had outgrown it so I inherited it after losing 78 lbs. That started my standard ‘spiel’ …  yeah, they got the full treatment.  lol   :)

After listening to music, meeting and greeting Brad took us to a little park on the Charleston harbor side of James Island. We just missed sunset… but the views were still gorgeous.   We did see fireworks over the night skies of Charleston.

Day Two Summary

I fasted all day, except water, black coffee and one Michelob Ultra (a low carb beer at 2.6g of carbs per 12 oz  bottle).

From sun rise to past sunset, we keep on the move when we are at the beach! As I noted earlier, I had no energy shortage and was able to keep up with my sons throughout the day.

That night after returning to camp I had Cabernet Sauvignon, grilled chicken and shrimp.  I slept like a baby. :)

Really the only drawback to primitive camping … is the lack of electricity.  However, that’s also one of the allures for me.  I wanted to get away from the white, blue lights for a few days.

As a result of improper planning, my cell phone (and my camera) were powerless at inopportune times.  This is a learning experience, I’ll plan ahead next time.

Day Two was a LOT of fun.  Great times on the beach, in Charleston and in the business section of Folly Beach but the best times on the beach (and the best pictures) are yet to come!  Check out Day 3 tomorrow!