What Diabetes looks like. (part 2)

When I posted the first article , “ADA, What Diabetes Looks Like”, it was in response to a Twitter Post by the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

In the post the ADA asked, “What does Diabetes look like to you?” …

If you missed the original article, you can find it by clicking here. There were several excellent responses in the comments to the original post as well as on Facebook, so I wanted to include them in a separate post for others to read and appreciate.

I do appreciate all those that contributed. If you are reading this and feel compelled…. share your vision of what DIABETES looks like to you in the comments for others to see.

This first post by Chancey was in response to my original post.

Chancey has greatly reduced the amount of drugs and insulin he uses and has much better blood sugar control since going on a low carb primal meal plan. :))

Melissa : Has lost weight and…. all of her drugs and insulin!!! Woo HOO!! And most importantly…she also maintains great blood sugar control!

Thank you Desa for your heart felt comments.

So true ANNE!!! I often tell people … for me, Diabetes has been a blessing. It gave me an urgent reason to improve my health.

Congrats to you KAREN! And as noted previously… I AGREE!!!

Excellent Point Mary. I love to post my delicious foods and then tell people… “poor Steve, he has to eat a “special diet”… a diet of meat, eggs and veggies that taste so good!!! :)
Again, thank YOU all for contributing and if you would like to add your comments feel free to do so.

My original article is HERE... my comments were not as nice.  Personally I share the joy and happiness of finally having control of my health but sadly, I see so much pain and suffering … ALL of which is needless. :(

BUT let’s continue to care and share… there is a better way to eat and to live!!! :)