Glucose Predicts Mortality Rates

This post concerns a study regarding Glucose Levels as a predictor of Post Operative Mortality, the link to the study is below. Preoperative Glucose Levels Predict 1-Year Mortality After Surgery

“At 1 year after noncardiac surgery, high preoperative glucose levels are associated with higher mortality rates.”

This means, you have a higher likelihood of death after surgery if your blood glucose levels are higher before surgery.  I’m guessing here but I’m sure pre-op Blood Glucose has an affect… but I’d be willing to bet that post operative blood glucose is also important.  I believe the data is saying, if you have high blood glucose pre-surgery, you are likely to have high blood glucose levels post op. In fact, unless dietary and lifestyle changes are made, you are likely to have even higher blood glucose levels after the operation due primarily to the stress, trauma and inflammatory nature of surgery etc.

Ok!… I guess that sums it up nicely… we could all stop now and go on to better things…. but I’m not. :)

This study has many nuggets of information that I found interesting… hope you do as well.

My point in discussing the above quote is not only to warn you, should you be having surgery soon but to highlight the point that higher blood glucose readings ARE UNHEALTHY in general.

A related study found that diabetics with normal glucose levels are at higher risk for mortality. The study was conducted in noncardiac surgeries.

Did you read the quote above?  The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)  would have you believe that higher blood glucose is healthy… they love to quote the ACCORD Studies… over and over ad nauseum.  You can read my thoughts about the ACCORD studies here. I assume the quote above is referencing the ACCORD studies, but I do not know for sure.

In all, 44,461 patients completed 1-year follow-up, and 1-year mortality was estimated to be 5.35% (Bonferroni-adjusted 95% confidence interval, 5.11% – 5.59%). Among patients with preoperative glucose levels in the euglycemic range (at 85 mg/dL), the incidence was 3.5%. It was greater than 9% for patients with glucose values higher than 160 mg/dL (P < .001 after covariable adjustment).

The one year mortality rate for those with Pre-Op Blood Glucose in the 85 mg/dl range was 5.35%.

The one year mortality rate for those with Pre-Op Blood Glucose higher than 160 mg/dl was 9+%.


I am NOT a highly educated Certified Diabetes Educator CDE) … nor dietitian nor doctor… but I like the odds of having a truly NORMAL Blood GLUCOSE READING!!

Looking at this data…  I think I will follow the advice from Dr. Bernstein and maintain to the best of my abilities a blood glucose reading sub 100 mg/dl with an overnight fasting blood glucose number in the 70’s and 80’s.

Never heard of Dr. BERNSTEIN, a noted and well respected Type 1 Diabetic who has near perfect mental and physical health well into his 70’s ?  Here’s why. :(

Overall, 15.8% of patients were diabetic, and they had a crude incidence of composite in-hospital outcome of about 15%, regardless of baseline blood glucose.

This statement could be troubling for some…. but not for me. Why?  The vast majority of diabetics do NOT have normal blood sugar. So they are comparing high blood glucose readings with very high blood glucose readings.  Or that is my theory… very few diabetics have normal blood glucose readings and therefore vast majority would have a higher prevalence to negative surgery outcomes.

You can read my thoughts about the ACCORD studies here for further explanation but in a nutshell, to achieve normal blood sugar levels while eating a high carb meal plan such as the diabetic diet of the ADA…  you will experience harmful highs and dangerous lows. So while your A1C may appear to show that you are experiencing more healthy blood sugar control, the havoc you are creating within your body is anything BUT healthy.

Contrast that with a low carb, low inflammatory PRIMAL meal plan where the peaks and valleys would be much less severe, it’s obvious or should be, that this is a much healthier path.

The downside to the low carb primal meal plan?   It does not sell as much drugs and it reduces the needs of service fees for Certified Diabetes Educators.  BUT it’s good for DIABETICS!!!

The finding that diabetics in the euglycemic range had higher mortality was surprising. “We think perhaps diabetics who have lived with high glucose levels for quite some time have become accustomed to it. Perhaps their bodies can’t tolerate lower glucose levels,” said Dr. Abdelmalak.

Read my response to previous quote. I must say… this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard a doctor say…and I’ve heard some crazy things.

High blood sugar is harmful and higher blood sugar is more harmful.  To suggest ANYTHING other is ridiculous and harmful.

It is true that bodies can become accustomed to higher blood sugar levels… but that does not mean it’s not harmful. Many people with amputations, organ failures and early death are a testament to that.

Physicians routinely advise diabetics on how to adjust medications before surgery to achieve target glucose levels. “If these findings get reproduced and this is not the best glucose level for them, we need to revisit these recommendations,” said Dr. Abdelmalak.

*** NOTE: no mention of reducing carbohydrates or reducing sugar and grains were mentioned. It’s all about adjusting drug usage… upwards no doubt. :(
I urge you all to say no to the FDA/ADA food pyramid scam and go low carb primal.

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