Fat Fasts and Managing Diabetes

Fat Fasts help you successfully manage diabetes. My suggestion for newbies, start with a true fat fast. The main reasons for ALL of the fat fasting experiments is to test the effect on blood sugars and weight loss.

  • Fat Fasting is easier, the coconut oil and butter help keep you sated.
  • Fat *may* even help your blood sugars reduce more quickly than other fasts.

Obtaining and maintaining truly normal blood sugars is THE key to successfully managing diabetes. Fat Fasts help you successfully manage diabetes.

fat fasts help you successfully manage diabetes.


Both experiments this year, and every experiment I’ve ever done on true fat fasts confirms … fat fasts are great for reducing blood sugars and for weight loss.  There is no doubt any longer, fat fasts help you successfully manage diabetes.

Are your blood sugars elevated?   This post “Blood Sugar Targets“,  discusses my blood sugar targets and why I chose them.  Now, on to the fat fasts! :)

True Fat Fasts

Some people consume protein and even carbs while doing ‘fat fasts’.  That’s why I have to qualify the statements with the ‘true’ prefix to fat fasts.  True fat fasts remove essentially all of the dietary fuel for blood sugars.    Carbohydrates of course raise blood sugars but so can protein to a lesser degree.

Remember, I maintain normal ‘non-diabetic’ blood sugars. Fat fasts work so well at reducing blood sugars  I had to end every fat fast I’ve ever done before I had intended, due to low blood sugar levels.  This is not a negative but a positive and shows the benefits and power of a fat fast for those with elevated blood sugars.

Note: In all experiments I also drank water and black coffee.

Fat Fast Results

Let’s take a look at the data, chart below.

The blue line =  ‘butter and coconut only’ fast a few weeks ago.
The red line =  the recent ‘butter only’ fast.


fat fasts help you successfully manage diabetes.



  • As the chart clearly shows, true fat fasts work great at reducing blood sugars. As I state repeatedly, there are many things that can raise blood sugars  including stress, lack of sleep, illness, dehydration … but without fail, over time a fat fast reduces blood sugar.
  • The Butter & Coconut Oil fast (blue line) only lasted two days and the Butter only fast lasted three.  In both however, the downward trend was inevitable.
  • It’s interesting to note, neither trend line was a smooth downward drop.  In both, when a drop occurred my body tried to slow (blue line) or actually increase (red line) by the time of the next blood sugar test.

When blood sugars reach the 40’s mg/dl, I’ll end the fat fast and that’s where these ended with readings of 44 & 45 mg/dl, approximately 2.42 mmol/l.


Fat Fasts Help You Manage Diabetes

Repeat after me, “Fat fasts are excellent for reducing blood sugars!” Well done. :)

I don’t think, from my experiments thus far, that one fat is better than the other for reducing blood sugars. Further experiments will need to be done to confirm this.

In every fat fast I have done, I’ve also lost weight.  Typically a pound per day. It’s why I suggest a fat fast for weight loss stalls.

There is another reason I performed these two fat fasts, I was hoping my blood sugars would stabilize in normal ranges. Both fasts were planned to go longer and were ended early due to low blood sugars.  This is not a negative if you have elevated blood sugars!

If you look at the chart above, my blood sugars on Day 3 Butter Only fast (Red Line), my blood sugars took a huge dip over night.  I woke to a 54 mg/dl.  However blood sugars began to slowly rise and appeared to stabilize. I took several readings not shown on the graph.   I was feeling good too in the mid 50’s … even remarking to a friend I felt my body was adjusting to the 50’s.

I felt good enough for a long non-intense dog / foraging walk in the early evening. While walking I began feeling slight headaches,  a little brain fog and slight dizziness. And the feelings got worse.  On the way back from the park I had decided to end the fat fast regardless of my blood sugar reading.

I’m all for doing experiments for science, ha! But if it makes me feel poorly, I’m not going to do it.


My thoughts were justified as once again my blood sugars sank sub 50, this time 44 mg/dl.


The 44 mg/dl  ‘sealed the deal’, I ate pecans, a chicken breast and four chicken thighs for a late dinner.   I began feeling better and by bedtime I felt perfectly fine. I tested my blood sugar one last time and it read 84 mg/dl.  All was well. :)

Remember the ‘take home points’, fat fasts are great for reducing your blood sugars!

In the coming weeks I will do a ‘water only’ fast for three days (I hope) and compare it with my fat fasts.


Reduce Your Blood Sugar the Warrior Way

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